ISSA - Planned meeting with Walsall Football Club

Independent Saddlers Supporters Association

These are worrying times for everybody, with the spread of the Coronavirus. It has begun to take over every aspect of our lives, these are unprecedented times, no one really knows when it will end, or the long lasting affects it will leave.

I am sure everyone is missing the football on a Saturday afternoon already, these are worrying times for football clubs outside of the Premier League, who rely on the constant cash flow gate receipts bring. Leigh Pomlett has already stated these are troubling times at our football club and could soon become an emergency situation.

Chairmen of ISSA, Dave (Olly) Beckett has been in contact with Walsall Football Club to arrange a meeting for himself and Vice Chairmen Steve Shaw to meet with Leigh Pomlett, Dan Mole and Steph Gamble to put forward some ideas on how we can help at this challenging time. The meeting should take place some time early next week. This is subject to change, with advice from the Government regarding the coronavirus changing on a daily basis.

We have several ideas which could help the club now, and moving forwards. One of which would see a possible revenue stream coming in to the club at this worrying time and that every single supporter can be involved in. We wish to work alongside the club and do everything we possibly can to help. We will report back to you as soon as the said meeting has taken place.

On a final note, it is worth mentioning, as much as we love football and our football club, football is of little importance compared to peoples health. Life is precious. From everyone at ISSA we hope you all stay safe and well. Look after yourselves, and each other.

Mark Cassell – Secretary


Great idea … even a couple of quid from all those that love our club could make such a difference now and to next seasons playing budget. UTS

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What about a weekly lottery to win various prizes from stock from the club shop. Some weeks the prize could be a season ticket or a new top (when they are launched) with prices increased those weeks. People could either set up a weekly direct debit or just buy the odd ticket. Just trying of ways to raise funds so sorry if people think it a silly idea.


No need to apologise for trying to come up with innovative idea’s to help the club. Some may work, others won’t but every sensible idea is worth investigating.

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Dont be sorry for taking the time and effort to care Cats.
Also, in my view something well worth exploring :clap: :clap: :clap:


Just an idea, but can they offer the option to pre order next seasons home shirt for a discounted up front payment now?
Difficulty is being able to order the right size as sizing issues don’t always follow the norms and not knowing what the design is like at this stage.
If they can release the designs early, then fans can choose between the home and away shirt.

From the clubs point of view, they will have a cash injection and a better guide of how many to order in the sizes required.

I’ve just been talking to my friend about the lottery idea because it occurred to me we ran one years ago which she used to take part in. The Golden Gate lottery is ringing bells to us as the name. Does anyone else remember it and do they still run it?

Could the 50/50 draw be done online.

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That’s a great idea.

As I, like many others, cannot commit to a ST, due to work, maybe an offer, for a match bundle, to try and make the ‘floating’ fan, buy a number of tickets at the same time. It would definitely appeal to me and the club will be getting guaranteed income. Lots of shirts for auction. Good idea to raise money.

Do a lottery type thing I agree. Say £5 per ticket. The winner gets to be an official part of the squad. Own squad number, in the team photo, join in a training session etc. Costs the club nothing, but raises vital funds

One of those football cards. Twenty quid a square with half going to the club and half to the winner

@RobHarv3y could organise it


Happy to do that if needed.

The idea that we at Issa have come up with is for Issa to. Issue a dedicated account number, of which fans could set up a direct debit to on a monthly basis,

It would not be under the control of Issa. As to how funds where used, but. A payment would be made to club on a monthly. Basis of what the fund held. At that specific date to use as they saw fit

It would be administrated by the bank we chose, Issa would not. Have any control over it but would be instrumental in getting it up and running , and would. Start it off with a donation. From ourselves

We suggest that a min of £5 per month up to a maximum of £10 per month for those fans who can afford to and want to help club out. During this period of uncertainty

Anyone who wanted to make a one of donation could also do so. . up to any amount they chose,
As said only an idea at this. stage, ,along with others we will be putting to club , But I think there will be many fans. Willing to commit to this idea

£5 or £10 a month is less than a newspaper or a coffee on a daily basis, but could prove to be. Invaluable to our club

As said Issa will work closely with club and will offer any help or assistance we can. At such difficult times

This is something every single fan can be involved with. If they wished, Our hardcore fan base. Would I’m sure. Be only to willing to help

The situation club face is no ones fault, and could never have been planned for , So let’s. Come together as one, and prove how much that club means to each and every one of us,
As said the cost of a daily paper and cup of coffee , could. Actually ensure we still have a club to follow when we come out from the other side of this current crisis


Decent idea but can this be made into a membership style scheme? Down the line, when this is all over, subscriptions can be transferred into rewards (free beer, free ticket, bring a mate for free). Otherwise I think you would only get the hard core, with enough spare cash, signing up

Start card on opening day and it can be completed on last day of season.
If you have never done one, try @RobHarv3y’s acorns one!!!


Good shout. The mechanics of it could be thrashed out Once we had a idea of numbers,

I personally would be happy to just set up a direct debit , of, £20 a month to cover me and the mrs, without wanting anything in return But as you say. In conjunction with club some sort of loyalty award could. Be put in place for others contributing As a thank you from club

Early days yet mate, But open to all suggestions / ideas. That could make this a viable proposition to help club

Lots of clubs now have a membership scheme to help general finances. People can build up points for ticket availability etc. I’ve floated that idea before here and, very rightly, folks have said they don’t see the idea of it at WFC. However, these times need some different ideas I think. Having a formal scheme put together by the club whereby donations = points = rewards would be excellent.

Saying all that…I personally would consider not donating simply because of the rent situation. If the club is in financial trouble but still paying large amounts of money in rent I wouldn’t want my money to go into a bottomless pit.


As you know mate. I have. Been anti bonser. From day one, always said what he was up to and was proved right,

The rent sittuation. Will sadly never go away, he drove us down a one way street Which proved to be One with no. Possible exit route

Fully understand your sentiments. About not committing to anything. While. His. Greed continues to cripple club , And 100% agree. That rent sittuation is. Immoral But having said that. It will always be heart ruling the head. With me where wfc are concerned and feel compelled to help, Would rather try and fail. Than do nothing.

The ideas Issa are putting forward are. To help in the short term. , we will have to just trust Pomlett to play the longer game, In the hope he can. Indeed reunite club with rightful ownership of its own home ( even tho. I truly believe. He will find it impossible to do so )

So as fans I think as much as it. Hurts that our so called number one fan appears to care not one jot, That it’s us who must carry the batting and do everything we can to help. Club. Through this sittuation