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Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref. Appeal

Issa are on the lookout for a filing cabinet. And a couple of office desk,s and chairs

If any one has one in decent condition. Who no longer has. a need for them or are looking to sell. Such. Items. Alongside any other office equipment please pm me. ASAP

They are needed as we. Embark on our latest comunity project Which when up and running will benefit some of the most under. Privileged kids in the borough, as well. As other good causes , including disabled groups

They will be used as we. Set up. Our new admin facility. That will oversee us delivering a major project. That will. Bring. Football. At grass roots level. To our local youngsters. And schools. Whilst delivering a facility that will bring affordable access to sport to the. Residents of the borough of Walsall .

If you are a local business. Or an individual who can be of help please get in touch.


If you can get them donated mate then great, but if not there is a place on Short Acre street in Walsall

Cheers mate I know of this place So will. check it out if we don’t get any. Offers

But the refurbishment. Of the building. that will become the admin centre of the project. Has eaten up a lot of funds. So was hoping. Someone nay have
A few items. Going spare

We will be delivering free football to the most under privalaged kids in the borough mate. Alongside. Many disabled groups.

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