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Ref leisurewear

Massive thank you to all who have purchased from this new leisurewear range, Again you have backed us and brought in large numbers.

Your orders have gone off today. And we will have by no later than second week in December.

We could not do it without you the fans and your continued backing. And again a massive thank you from all involved with Issa. For your continued support,

Every item purchased in some way. Helps our club, via our donations, But also gives you. A different option of top quality merchandise at sensible prices.

For anyone looking for an ideal Christmas gift. For any saddler check out our new range of merchandise, only available. Via the Issa online store

Calendars are proving extremely popular. And. It looks like a second batch may have to be ordered.

Hit the link below to take you to our website. And select the shop option


Good to see the calendars are so popular Dave.

Yes mate. They are flying out. Once people saw them in the flesh. Orders non stop