ISSA Website Up And Running

It gives us great pleasure to announce the opening of our website.

You can find all the information you need about the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association (ISSA) here. Announcements regarding Travel and Events will still be put on Facebook for your convenience, you can find them all on our website now too.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for making this possible

There is a section for information about the Disabled Supporters Association

We are also extremely happy to have David Evans doing interviews with ex player for your reading pleasure. His first interview with Stan Bennett has already been added for your reading pleasure, with more to come.

We are all very excited to have the site up and running. We hope you enjoy it, keep your eyes on it, we have lots of ideas for it for the near future.

Mark Cassell – Secretary


Really pleased how it has turned out
Massive thank you to all our commercial sponsors, of which more will be joining soon
Another step in the right direction for the independent saddlers supporters association. ( Issa)


Superb site and very simple to use, well done again everyone at ISSA.

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It looks absolutely superb well done lads :+1:


Who are those ugly mugs on the home page? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit to add - well done ISSA. Another WFC page on the net can only be a good thing.

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Not mine, I was a step to far…


Stay tuned!

I cannot believe that!!!

Good to see you on these pages again mate. Need to catch up soon!

Definitely mate.

Always interested in sponsorship @Dhforever but, as I’m not often at home games these days, I miss out on whats happening.

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Have sent you a message. Pal

What he said Mark.

You will have to enlighten me who you are mate. I have lost touch with usernames on here now, not really used the site for years. I assume you know me from your post.

Sent you a PM

Looks good. Enjoyed reading about Stan. In that picture from Hull, it looks like 90% of the spectators are wearing ties. Different days.

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You’ve put my mind at rest. I was going to ask if there was any risk of opening a webpage to see your face staring back :crazy_face:

As others have said, so good to see you posting on here Mark, hope it’s not the last!

P.S. I need to visit the Railway Club one game, just so i can push in front of you at the bar :wink:

One compliment , two insults, in one short post. I’ll take that.

I’m a little more relaxed about people pushing in at the bar these days, but I’d make an exception for you !

I’d post more often on here, but you know how it is, I upset the locals with my balanced well thought posts, I might stick around now I have logged in, see what the fuss is about again.


Nice article about Stan Bennett - What a player he was!

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For those that enjoyed the Stann Bennett article, there are more interviews with ex players coming soon. Articulated so well by David. So keep an eye out for them.

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Is that Chris Chilton in the picture with Stan? I can’t make up my mind, I think it is, then I think it isn’t. I doubt anybody cares or that anyone under the age of 50 has the slightest idea who Chris Chilton is. :laughing: Oh well, it’s given me something to think about.