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Ref. Working task force

This is a shout out to any skilled tradesman,
Electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators, general builder,s
Etc who hold. The relevant qualifications. And insurance. In line with there proffesion

Issa are looking to put together a working task force of. Local. Skilled tradesmen, who would be. Willing to offer there services free of charge, ( labour. Only ). To the club. , should. There skills be needed at any time during this crisis

Issa would get s register together. And hand over to the club
But as said anyone. Wishing to go on said register would have to prove there qualifications. And professional memberships and be willing to provide there labour free of charge

We can also. Supply if anyone is interested in being included, a register of unskilled labour. To club, Of anyone wishing to get involved , in let’s say. For instance. General upkeep of. Inside and outside of stadium. Or any other. Non skilled help club may require

We at Issa think this is a great way us as fans and local company,s
And Skilled tradesmen can come together and all pull as one to help our beloved. Club, get through this. Terrible time, and come through the. Other side a better and healthier football club.

As people know I’m a firm believer we should receive a rental break from our landlord, But I’m also aware it’s a complex issue and it is not going to happen overnight, so let’s put that on the back burner for a little while. And stop saying. . When rent stops I’ll help,

Well the club itself needs our help now. So let’s all come together to help club. In there hour of need and show what it means to each and everyone of us

I for one will give my time freely if I can be of any help, to club. who’s going to join me

If interested in going on either list please get in touch and Issa will pass all details on to the club


Fantastic idea. I’ve ranted about it here before but I think many league clubs have lost the ‘do something for the club’ ethic that used to be the core of English football. Guess that’s driven by the money in the game and a expectation that the club gives you something rather than being a part of the community.

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Club also think it’s a good idea and have been in touch thanking us

We have already given club details of two firms. Offering specialist services of which club. Have said will be useful to them

Both firms offering there labour free of charge , so of great benefit to club

We are building quite a hefty register of firms. Individual businesses who are willing to help club out
So all in all. It’s been a very successful initiative


Club been in touch today and requested details of two specialist company’s they wish to get in touch with

So glad this idea is proving of help to club , come on guys. If you are a tradesman and willing to help out pm me your details

Unskilled labour will also be required at some stage I’m sure , so forward me. Details and I’ll liaise with club

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Probably best to organise a working bee date and ask for volunteers…

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Hi Dhforever, this is something that I suggested to the fan liaison officer some months ago in relation to improving the ground, pleased to see it going forward, just like to say I purchased some " street ender" badges off your shop site, well pleased nice quality and fast delivery, well done buddy :+1:

Thanks for the kind words , glad you are happy with your purchases

As for the taskforce yes I discussed with dan mole and he thought it was a good idea and one club would like to investigate further, Club have been back in touch and we have already put two specialist company’s there way, who are offering there services ( labour totals free to club )

And we are compiling a list of other volounterrs both skilled and unskilled which club have asked to be passed to the stadium manager, In order to contact. As and when there skill sets are required

I have regular communication with dan mole, so if ever there is anything you want putting to club, just give me a shout pal