“It’s going to be a long old season but I think my fans already know that.“

God who does he think he is “It’s going to be a long old season but I think my fans already know that" What fans does he think hes got does he think hes a pop star christ this is getting worse I dont normally moan or even boo at the game but I am getting bloody close now. Keep coming out with lines like “I think it’s Groundhog Day for a lot of our games this season,” or That’s why it’s going to be a long season.” is really getting to me he says hes a frustrated man well try turning up every week watching this crap. To make matters worse the chairman says he is happy with how its going what the hell is there to be happy with . If we are in this position come January if we are still stuck down the bottom what player in there right mind would come to a club at the bottom end of the football league !


His interviews do ■■■■ me off a lot. He’s talking as if he has walked into this mess with a load of players that aren’t his. He signed this lot, he had the luxury of having almost a blank canvas and making the squad exactly how he wanted it and he has failed massively.

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He didn’t though, did he? He may have had a blank canvas, but not a blank check
I would guess that the majority of players he signed were not his first, second or third targets.
I know he was after Danny Thomas, he wanted to play for DC but was not willing to play in L2. I’m certain there were other players on his radar that chose to go elsewhere.
Yes, I agree it’s his team - just not the one he wanted.

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It was clear during pre season when getting out played by non league teams that we were in deep trouble.

But what did both the club and manager do? Bugger all that’s what. So who’s to blame I’m guessing we will never truly know.

Oh and for those who say you shouldn’t judge a team on pre season results, sorry but anyone who knows their football could see it!


So he did then, didn’t he? I said he had a blank canvas, which is more than Keates had.
Don’t give me this rubbish about a blank check, Clarke knew his budget when he joined, he knew he had to work hard, wheel and deal to get a squad together. He’s failed. No club in this league has a blank check but as it stands Clarke has put together the 21st worst squad in a league of 24.


That’s the kind of squad you get when we have the 21st worst budget in L2, 4th and fifth choicer’s!
The rot has to stop quickly before it’s too late, we can’t wait unit January I’m afraid.

We have no choice unless it’s players who have already been released by their clubs before the window ended who haven’t yet found a club. You aren’t going to find much ability there.

Which Thomas is that? Just checked on Danny Thomas and the only footballer that comes up is a 60 year old ex Spurs player, mind you probably an improvement on some of those signed!

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The thing that gets me is if you are looking for a new car and you want a porsche, but you couldn’t get one, why would you then buy a fiesta? :wink:

Me an the mrs went to the Villa friendly and I was worried then we didn’t even track runners or do the simple things correctly in that game and constantly lumped a long diagonal every 5 minutes.I was getting ■■■■■■ off with 3 chaps sitting in front of us…behind the goal we was and they were laughing and joking about so I said “ are you ■■■■■■■ happy about this lads we kick off next week and I’m worried here what do you find funny” there response was we will be alright I said don’t ■■■■■■■ think so this lot look ■■■■ gods honest truth that is so I seen it then if I’m honest

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Just read back some of the pre season threads , same old characters criticising those who showed concern.


Oh well truth be told the ones concerned were right to be so I mean I know it’s Villa premier league etc etc but there was like nothing literally nothing I was extremely concerned leaving the ground I remember thinking Jesus they are really poor players.

How and why does a club like Mansfield have 3 times our budget? They are currently averaging around 400 per game less than us.

Ok they don’t have to pay 450k to play in their own ground but that has already been covered by the sales of Dobson/ Cook and Ferrier.
Just out of interest what would happen if we Pomlett refused to pay the 450k next season?
Eviction? We could always ground share with Kiddy/ Solihull/ Tamworth/ Hednesford for a fraction of that price making us more competitive.
It would be great fun having a standing home terrace.
Let’s face it all atmosphere vanished with the building of the 2 tier stand that replaced the terraces.


How on earth do Crawley have a 28 man squad when they get 2000 fans at home every home game and our squad is wafer thin there’s quite a list of clubs who seem to be able to do it my answer to your questions is I ain’t got a bloody clue :rofl: but it’s happening and it’s plain as the nose on your face to everybody who reads this and understands football.Can you or anybody on here see Leigh Pomlett spending over a million quid sorting this team out in January because let’s face it that’s what it’s gonna cost and that’s just to start with he ain’t got that kind of money surely

Walsall squad isn’t thin though, it’s the same problem as last season. Signing quantity over genuine quality (for league 2).

It’s a 23 man squad which is more than enough. Got the odd young one in there like Candlin and CCM but about 15 senior pros available.

Many times it’s been said on here it’s better to sign 3-4 really good players and integrate them with 3-4 decent ones already at the club and then the rest can be young players developed by the club, this is largely the approach Dean Smith used.

That way guys like Candlin and CCM could get proper minutes as being back up on the bench and in when injuries occur.

Way last 18 months have gone it’s surely a more logical approach than the scattergun approach by the last two managers.

I’d rather have 28 or 29 that’s 5 or 6 more that are available and at your disposal I’d rather have a club full of really good talent lol but that ain’t happening as Bags said on the other thread I think it was bags the prices in jan are gonna be over inflated they always are so let’s say 4 players at 250k each or 5 players at 200k each or 10 players at 100K each it all adds up to a million quid and we need that just to start with it ain’t gonna happen we will be scrating round on the final evening and get another load of ■■■■ in that’s the sad reality

Would it be cuz you ay got a pot to ■■■■ in but you think your old man will lend you the money and then he tells you to eff orf Tone?

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Not sure but I wonder if Radford chips in to the playing budget. Never heard fans sing a song for their Chairman until the Stags fans did yesterday.

Well if you look at this squad there’s 4 “strikers” in Lavery, Gordon, Adebayo and Gaffney. Also add in Candlin who’s been around the squad for a while now without any manager seemingly rating him much.

Then for central midfield we have Kins, Sinclair, Guthrie and cover your eyes but Liddle can also play there. Add in young ones like Alfie Bates and Hardy and that’s more than enough in numbers (not counting Kiersey as he will be out in Jan if not before).

In defence you have Facey, Norman, J.Clarke, Liddle, Pring, CCM, Jules, Scarr and Kory Roberts back. 9 players for 4/5 positions.

Looking at Crawley squad, they have 6-7 who haven’t made more than 2 appearances this season so it’s not really bigger than the Walsall one.

The bigger problem is the negligence to not bother bringing in many wide or attacking midfielders this summer. That could perhaps be linked to the chronic lack of goalscoring.


I can see what your saying putting it that way and totally agree with your last paragraph can I ask you about January’s window do you think we will have learnt and recruit better? Will we spend money doing so? How much money do you think is needed to sort this mess out? Because after DC has absolutely slated these players we ain’t gonna get money for them everybody knows there weak minded players and no good now because he couldn’t keep it in house