It’s Our Club - Press Release

Since we launched our 50/50 draw in order to help out club, we have recieved mixed comments.

We have listened to all the posts and just wanted to answer some of the comments.

Both the Trust, other fans groups and individual fans have stepped up to the plate and supported deserving causes during the COVID-19 pandemic and have done a terrific job in the process which we commend.

But our question is this…What is the glue that binds us all together as a bigger group? Walsall Football Club.

We at the Trust believe that the Chairman Leigh Pomlett has the support of every true Saddlers fan and we believe he, along with the Directors and staff are doing the very best job for our club .

This crisis could see the end of many lower division clubs and we should all be doing our best to help ours.

We will come out the other side in better shape than many clubs but the Trust have launched the 50/50 draw to give them a small helping hand in this difficult time.

We have seen comments about not having a go on the draw whilst the rent is still being paid. The rent issue is sadly out of our control however we can all help in other ways.

This draw is just a chance for the winner to make a few quid for themselves and help our club out in a small way in the process.

We have seen fans of Queen Of The South give out nearly £5000 prize in two draws so far. Accrington Stanley have over £1000 in prize money in their draw, both have smaller fan bases than ours.

Its only £1 a go and if every Walsall fan had just one ticket it would raise around £2,000 for the club and make one Saddlers fan £2,000 richer in these testing times.

Lets help Leigh and the club in these unprecedented times and come out the other side in the best shape possible ready for a promotion push.

Details of how to enter the draw are below.

Via Telephone/Email

To purchase tickets please contact Ray Dale either by e mail to [email protected] or by text /telephone on 07806778018 and he will advise you how to pay for your tickets.

Via Online

If you wish to purchase online you can do so via - if using this option please ensure that you choose the “friends and family option” upon purchase.

Ticket sales will close at midday on Saturday 9th May and upon closure we will send a full list of entrants and numbers via our social media channels.


I just want to see a proper response from the club about the rent issue. If they are happy to give out hundreds of thousands of pounds without battling for a break then why is my 1 pound going to make a difference? You shouldn’t mix up this statement with any lack of love for my football team who I have supported loyally since my first season ticket at the age of 8.


I get both sides of the argument. I obviously get why the Trust want to do a 50/50 but I also get the fact some fans won’t participate because of the rent.
Of course, as the Trust say it is out of our control but the club should be able to answer questions on it at this time. They aren’t intrusive, it’s a genuine question about a rent break as we are all seeing mortgage/loan/rent holidays around the country.
The club deserves a lot of credit for how it’s changed it’s ways in the last 9/10 months, it’s a lot more open but this one question still fails to get a proper response.


Yes even if the answer was ‘we asked but its not legally possible’. It would also be great if the club added some more detail about the state of the finances. I guess, like other clubs, we are in some trouble but how much trouble? Can we keep going for another 6 months without issues or are we heading for severe issues soon?

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Not kidding.



They should be asking these questions about the state of the finances too…but you know how they are with the club now.

I dunno how i feel about sending my money too someone and something ive never heard of…


Can’t keep laying it at the fans door

It’s only recently the independent saddlers supporters association. Offered to buy 100k worth of shares in the club, but where refused

Issa also broached the idea of investing 200 k into club. But wanted fan representation. On the board in return. Again this idea was rejected,

Now if club can reject such offers it must be in a far healthier position. Than being let on

And before anyone comes on saying the above statements are untrue, there is a well respected person. On this site, who was present at the said meeting when these offers where made

The inclination on the request for the 50 50 draw as in its our club, is disrespectful to every fan, that’s an attempt at emotional blackmail, and as for trying to say proper fans would commit to buying a ticket that’s even more shameful and shows contempt to fellow fans who through no fault of there own are not able to purchase one, no matter how much they may have wanted to, And in its self is creating a two tier system amongst fans and that’s not healthy

I will purchase a ticket,s as I am fortunate enough to be able to do so , But am mindful there’s others who are not. , And emotional blackmail is no way to be appealing. To fans. Many of whom have followed and supported through thick and thin, and have paid out thousands already. For the privaladge of doing so

It’s not our club. It has not been that for thirty years, and until, our so called number one fans association with it is completely severed it never will be


Well I have bought some and are more than happy to contribute. To me I cannot see the difference between buying these tickets to buying the ones on match days, paying for a entrance ticket or buying club merchandise. We all would like to see the rent suspended but it probably won’t happen so let’s try and help the club in any way we can.

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It’s more about ‘why might the club be in financial trouble’?

All the clubs and many businesses are in financial trouble.The shutdown means no income. No one is using the conference and events facilities because they’re not happening. There is no matchday income because there’s no matches. It’s not rocket science.

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Imagine what a massive help 200k would be to the club in these worrying times, did the club refuse point blank ?
Maybe if the offer is still there it would be possible to ask the question again, if the club refuse a 2nd time then as fans why should we be putting our hands in our pockets to help out ?
200k would go a long way to helping our beloved club to get through this crisis, all ISSA are requesting in turn is fan representation on the board, surely 200k is a real commitment and deserves this ??
Come on Walsall FC if the offer is still there then let’s grab it with both hands to help out at this difficult time.


Yes ok. I guess my question was really ‘what is the balance in the business between the loss of income, the existing outgoings (including rent) and the help that came from the EFL?’. Of course I know that loss of the conference income is likely the biggest issue.

Fans who had shown commitment to doing this where informed of the clubs refusal, and there reasons as to why which where as follows

Club would not at any time. Have fan representation at board level. Due to commercially sensitive information that would be discussed, the chairman said this was something he would never sanction during his time at the helm , and after discussing it with other chairman, who he stated wished they had never allowed it at there clubs

The chairman could not sell 200k of his
shareholding, as it would take him below the minimum requirement to retain sole control of club

It was stated that. It was not only Issa who would be refused. Any fan group associated with club if they had. Been in a position to put same offer to club would also be refused

Issa accepted the reasons stated. And said we would look into other ideas aimed at helping club,
And we have put various other ideas to club, Which at this point in time. Club have not took us up on

Giving the reason that they wanted to see how the current situation panned out, and awaiting to see what help was going to be given to clubs. By the relevant bodies , but they have said they will get back to us in relation to one particular idea. That could see in excess off 1k a month being handed over to club,

The idea was for 100 Issa members or more. Which was quite feasible , to set up a direct payment. of £10
Per month to Issa, which in turn would be passed onto club, as said a guaranteed £1000 per month going to club, We where thanked on behalf of the chairman for our input and ideas and where told this may be something they could look into

Not knocking the 50 50. But that is a gamble, where as our idea was a certainty. , but who knows fans may get behind it, But as said the emotional blackmail involved, saying true fans of Walsall fc will back it, Very. Much. Shows. How fans are viewed and treated,


Thanks for prompt reply Dave, crazy really the club can turn that sort of cash away.

A major problem for the club is that it has been built and sustained on a variety of income streams, which has enabled the club to generate much more income than clubs with equivalent attendances.
Currently, ALL of those income streams are fecked and some will not return to their former level any time soon - which may put the club in a worse situation than we realise.


" If you wish to purchase online you can do so via - if using this option please ensure that you choose the “friends and family option” upon purchase. "

This is also against everything you are advised to do by Paypal .

I know it’s supposed to save having to pay a certain % out to them , but any problems with your payment and you’re not covered by Paypal .

Not sure if I’m being over cautious here

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I agree and think we could get into real trouble or become even less competitive in our division. I presume our only commercial income at the moment is from the advertising signs.

Which no one should really be seeing ATM

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We have obtained the licence that is required by the Council and all funds are held in bank account until the draw is completed.

A full list of everyone that has entered, along with ticket numbers generated will be released prior to the draw for full transparency.

We can confirm that with two weeks left until the draw, we have received a generous amount which will hopefully help both the winner and the club during uncertain times.