Jack Fitzwater

Been offered a new deal by the Albion. Not cool.

Doesn’t mean he’ll take it and even if he does he may well get another loan spell away from them depending on how many of their current CBs do a runner.

He’s more likely to get game time @ WBA next season though.

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Hope he doesn’t.

wish we could get next season have heard we are inked with someone from crawley !

He did well for us but I would prefer someone more experienced to play with Guthrie.

I would prefer all our defence to be signed contract players, that way we can get a settled back 4. And any loan signings we make to be in the middle or forwards. We can experiment a bit more then. And maybe take a couple of gambles, you never know we could unearth a couple of gems like we did with Evans.Although that did backfire a little when he went leaving us the cusp of the playoffs.

One rumour on social media is linking us with Reda Johnson. I’d be a bit worried if that were the case- he was exposed by Bradshaw as frighteningly laborious at Bescot, during the nearly-season, and he’d be three years older by the time he appeared in a Walsall shirt. Hardly played third-tier football since, too.

Good to see you back on UTS bigbaz.

Shabba :star_struck:

Some ridiculous rumours on Walsall fans have your say today.

Biggest pile of ■■■■■ on that page, they make WM Alan sound like a genius

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Matty fryatt is signing apparently even though he’s already retired:joy::joy:



Would have signed him if he was released. But I would rather get a contracted player in than him on loan, I’d only bring him back on loan if he was willing to be back-up or there was literally no centre backs up to standard available on a free transfer.

I thought young Jack was by far the best defensive loan, if not best overall loan that we brought in last season. If we review them…

Tyler - great when he started, injuries hampered him, picked up again and was promptly cashed in on during Jan. Did we see the best of him? Not sure.

Donnellan - waste of a loan, hampered the progress of Kory, spent most of the time benched.

Agyei - again, spent most time benched. Looked strong when playing, but Whitney didn’t seem to rate him.

Wilson - decent enough, but you can’t help feeling that he was part of the reason we haemorrhaged goals in the early part of the campaign. Injury hampered him, then he was recalled and cashed.

Zeli - would have him back tomorrow. Never mind all this loose talk of Lalkovic, this guy has talent that is far too good for League 2. Hope Deano has enquired, but so will quite a few of our rivals…

Shaibu - waste of time, barely looked interested.

Ngoy - flattered to decieve, maybe would do better in a more creative side.

Bielik - player of the season for me. Never saw him put a foot wrong.

Which leaves Jack - his arrival and subsequent form coincided with our best spell of defensive work all season (taking the Wimbledon result aside which was just a collective team suicide). Showed composure beyond his age, a good talker, marshalled the line well and brought the best out of Guthrie. If he came available Deano should snap his hand off. Clearly enjoyed his time here too.

When looking up some of these players too…this quote made me smile, from June 2017…

“Boss Jon Whitney says he is determined to reduce the amount of players Walsall sign on loan.” Excrete and Stir, June 22nd 2017. 9 loanees later…


I’d imagine the majority of that groups regular users were in the lower sets at school. Absolute shithousery spewed on there most the time.