Jack Kiersey signs

Short term deal, so I’m guessing until January. Another one that wants to prove a point. Welcome Jack!


Looks like a thin Lewis Capaldi. That’s all I know about him.


Yeah probably a six month deal which is sensible to see if he can adjust to the mans game quickly enough.
Would rather we were signing players ready for the first team mind.


Yet another untried young player.

We badly need some good experienced first team ready players signed up


Admit to knowing nowt about him but what I will say I’ve always been impressed with the conveyor belt of good young players that Everton have produced that have either done well at Goodison or had a good career further down the leagues. Good luck Jack :crossed_fingers:


Clearly a speculative signing …lets hope he plays well and earns a longer deal. Welcome Jack. UTS


Part of the Everton team that won PL2 last season. Clarke states he’s been monitoring him for a few years. Hoping for some more experienced heads coming in soon. Influx of CM signings suggest Dobson might be off


He’s obviously saving his wage budget, bringing in players with potential on very low wages to fill the squad then adding to that with 2 or 3 quality signings. I hope, that’s how it looks anyway. Building for future. In DC we trust.


Jack Kiersey = Kick A Jersey

I mean it’s one extreme to the other with the bloody anagrams.
I remember when we were in D4 and we had proper names to go at.
Tony Grealish = Year Long ■■■■


Scott Dann, Ant Gerrard and Dan Fox didnt do too badly from Everton youth…if he’s half as good then ill be happy.

Hoping the majority of Clarke’s budget is with experienced players just waiting for them to make their minds up.


Another Anton Peterlin?

Well,with all the signings we’ve made,we should have a good reserve side this year,not looking too clever for the first team though…:grin:


Jack Kiersey scoring for Everton u18’s

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He didn’t make a single league appearance for the U23s last season, just 2 appearances in the Chechatrade trophy. Appears he was not a regular in that side! Was a regular at U18s level but not since.

He’s had 10yrs coaching at a premier league club,that should count for something.He was out all of the 2017-18 season with a hamstring injury.

I wasn’t using that as a criticism, but when quotes have been saying that he was a member of the Everton U23 team that won the title last year it’s not actually correct!


I’m guessing this lads being used to bolster the numbers.

He seems miles off first team football.

Looks like Ron Weasley. Let’s hope he’s magic.

On a serious note being 20-years-old and having barley played senior football doesn’t fill me with hope, but we’ll see.


No nothing about him so I can’t say, looks like Dobson is off then

If Dobson does stay, then atleast we can say we’re sorted in the central midfield area.

Dobson, Kinsella, Sinclair, Kiersey, Hardy and Bates.

Desperately need some experience in other areas now and if that is DC’s plan, then that’s totally fine by me.