Jack Nolan

Anyone got any idea why he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth again? Looked OK when he got a few games.

Could be that his contract is up and he has indicated as I’m sure many others have that he has no intention of staying at the club.

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Wouldn’t blame him if he did want to leave. Not sure how many of our players would get league contracts elsewhere the way they have played

Nothing. Did absolutely nothing to lose his place. He’s up there with Norman for me as players that only have to do a little wrong if anything to lose his place. Actually CCM is the same too. Dutton even said in the week it wasn’t injury related, same with Vincent.


The ones that would want to stay we will offload whilst I think Norman, Scarr Nolan Gordon and McDonald Who I would keep with a decent gaffer in charge will get better deals elsewhere .

Nolan was a little unfortunate to lose his place after playing a couple of games and doing nothing wrong. Would think the kid’s confidence is at rock bottom now though. I mean, imagine not being selected to at least make the bench with the rubbish in this squad. Would be soul destroying.


Wright will be playing for Ireland next week so Nolan may come back into the fold then.

Holden might get some game time soon as well and hopefully, with White and Scarr out, we can play another midfielder instead of 5 at the back when we play a team in the relegation zone at home on Tuesday night.

Vincent deserves a chance but the problem remains up top. In the middle of March and still awaiting our first home win of 2021 tells its own story though…

As @el_nombre said, Nolan is one of a few that don’t need to do a lot wrong to find themselves dropped. Not just dropped to the bench either, but totally out of the side. Really weird.

Last action of nolan I watched was him some how tripping over his own feet chasing a ball in the glimpses I’ve seen of him I’ve not been overly impressed.

Considering that we atually paid an undisclosed fee for him, we haven’t as yet seen any return on that investment for whatever reasons.

I’m not aware of what the length of his contract is, but if it’s only 18 months then it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much more of him, as it would be strange if they offered him another deal.

He should, at the very least, be in each match day squad when you look at some of the others that make it. He doesn’t look any worse!