James Clarke?

Seriously where is he?

What injury does he have that had seen him out for so long.

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A broken heart?


I wondered that. Last played on 2nd January, and played for the full 90 minutes. Presumably injured in training, like Holden.

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Seems that way mate, just amazes me that the captain can just disappear for weeks without a word.


Probably really really doesn’t want to play

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I rather like to think that he’s been fit for a few weeks, but he’s being schooled by our forwards coach with a view to being shortly unleashed as our new striking option.

Permutations and squad rotations haven’t been tried enough have they?

As others have said, give Scarr a go upfront as well. Why not both of them together (injuries permitting). One thing is certain, their ball retention skills would be no worse then any of our “official” strikers.

Aplogies for losing the plot (manager mode).

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Reported last week knee injury requiring injections expected back before Holden but no date given

I presume that means he’s not training to be a striker after all then!

Been seen standing outside the Vale training ground waving at Darrell Brent.

I can’t see him playing again this season

Thank god

Hopefully at Port Fail

Genuinely forgot he’s out. Wouldn’t care if he sits on his arse for the rest of the season :joy:

Tbf mate , we were a better team with him involved … I know I’m clutching a little mind :rofl:

I honestly don’t think he makes any difference. Whatever back line we choose is poor. He can play on the ground a bit but he’s so immobile.

I’d go as far as to say Saddler is the better defender. I can take or leave Scarr. I’ve liked White as a third centre half actually to be fair, takes some of his terrible footballing ability out of him. If he came in I’d be … nonplussed to be honest.

I’ve always thought the same from the first time be played for the club, almost as if he is carrying an injury when playing as he doesn’t appear to run that ‘freely’. I know his asthma will have an impact on him but he does look immobile. Maybe that is why he plays for the foul so well as he has got used to having to do that.


It’s options isn’t , how long can Saddler play twice a week, how’s the defence going to look if Scarr gets injured. Do we want to throw Tom Leak in untried.

Game of opinions, but he did play a big part just before Christmas when we picked up some form.

I’d rather have him involved than not.

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I’ve never rated him much but, like Mazza says, he did play a part in that mini run before Christmas.

From a statistical point of view:

With JC
P18 W6 D8 L4 Pts26 (1.44ppg)
Without JC
P15 W2 D6 L7 Pts12 (0.8ppg)

The one we are really missing:

With Holden
P17 W7 D7 L3 Pts28 (1.65ppg)
Without Holden
P16 W1 D7 L8 Pts10 (0.63ppg)


He got turned inside out very early on in the season and he looked the epitome of a player whose legs have gone. But you’re right, he’s never been that mobile, he has a really weird gait. Very chest heavy.

As for him having a few decent games before Xmas, I’ve seen enough of him to put that down to a form spike, he’s been useless for majority of his spell. Those stats are a little misleading. He was in a team that had Holden, Adebayo and Jules in it. The games he’s missed have missed those players. I don’t put the difference in those stats down to James Clarke to be honest.