Jan Webster

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I’m shocked and saddened this morning to hear of the death of former England Rugby International Jan Webster yesterday.
Only vaguely related to Walsall FC as he provided our strip for a year or two(pictured being worn by Phil Hawker and Nicky Cross after a cup win v Port Vale). I can’t claim to know him but he was a familiar face in town and throughout my childhood, with my Dad having dealings with him about providing the strip for his junior side, and multiple visits to his shop in Station Street.
Also played for Walsall RFC and is as close to a local legend as we’ll probably ever see.


R.I.P Jan,he played for England too,at scrum half I think.He was one of the last small independent sports shops.At one time, when sportsmen retired,they either opened a pub or a sports shop.


He sold me a dodgy pair of cricket shoes once - I found him a little underhand…but I’m sorry he’s died.

Now that’s what I call a heartfelt epitaph…:joy::joy::joy:


Sad to hear that news. Can’t say that I knew him that well but always remember him as being a really friendly guy. I do remember him opening the Sports Shop in Station St.
Very good Rugby player for sure. R.I.P.

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Used to see him and say hi in the Pretty Bricks on a Saturday with his friends off Park Hall up until quite recently.
Seemed a decent bloke and what an outstanding achievement he will forever have against his name, New Zealand 10-16 England, September 15, 1973.
How many can say they starred in an England side that stuffed the All Blacks at the hallowed fortress of the All Blacks, Eden Park, Auckland.
RIP Jan.


Was in my class at school so played (rugby) both with him and against him. He was better than me.

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Jan was in the year below me at QMGS. He was also a good footballer. He played on the left wing for Mount F.C. (a largely QMGS team)on Saturday mornings in the Walsall Junior Youth League when not playing rugby for the school. In addition, he played as an amateur for Aston Villa’s youth team.


And I did…

played for the Mount that is ( not the Villa youth team, perish the thought ).

There’s a piece on the England Rugby website about him (and Bill Gittings) who’s also recently passed away - RIP both

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Remember him well at school and in The Steering Wheel Coffee bar.
He wasnt allowed to go and play for Villa as school had a Rugby match.
End of football for him , great for Rugby.
I remember one sports day. All the others had Birchfield Harriers kit including starting blocks.
Jan in PE kit and pumps beat them all.
I was lucky to be at school with him and David Brown, England test fast bowler. I was in the same class as Mike Hale who went on to captain the England water polo team.

Think it was called “the Wooden Wheel” …or nickname " the spokes" .

Was a long time ago. Us younger ones used The Del. and then Davy Jones Locker.

And a bit later the “Spiders Web” in Station Street with the mandatory beer soaked carpets.

Now that takes me back … the Del Rio, DaveyJones Locker and of course the New World … bottle of coke 1shilling if my memory serves me right. 3 straws to share it with the girls and it would last all night

Which was the cafe going up Bradford St out of town on the left? Think it was the Del Rio.
They used to hide the drugs of the day (Purple Hearts :purple_heart:) in the fag machines for when the cops raided.

Correct on all accounts

The ceiling was so low in there,you could hardly breathe,same in the Dirty duck down stairs…:pleading_face::woozy_face:

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It was the Bier Keller downstairs in the Duck.
Have staggered out of there in an awful state many times after drinking to many Schnapps on top of about 10 pints.:beer:

You didn’t need to buy any drugs down there,just breathe in and you got a fix whether you wanted one or not…:smile:

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