January Changes

Help me out please here, if you would…
Who is contracted to January only?
And who is up at the end of the season.

We have no idea, as DC does not like to disclose length of contracts. We do know that McDonald and Kiersy are on short term contracts, how long a short contract is in DC’s world is anybodys guess, but I am guessing 6 months.

Just like the lack of injury updates, its all very frustrating as a fan, especially given our current form.


Thanks, I thought I’d gone mad not knowing this.

No mate,you’ll know when you’ve gone mad,you’ll start a petition to get Bonser and Whitney back…:grin:

Most players are contracted till end of June, few have year, or two, more, Kiersey is till end of this year. That’s not a secret, that’s normal information. And of course there is, how it is called, freedom of contract. So each deal can be extended, or terminated, when both sides say ok. Still, clauses are more restricted I think. Automatic release after relegation for example, or similar.

It would be nice to see Kiersey.
He looked all right at Crewe.
(I still can’t believe they are top)

I bet there’s a few players re-reading their contracts,especially the release clauses section…:grinning:

I prefer when players are concentrating how to improve how they play. Reading deals? That’s why there are football agents in this business. To read contracts.

We may as well bin Kiersey off. We don’t need him. Hoping we tie McDonald down as soon as though and focus on getting at least another two wingers in too.