January transfer season 2021-22

What do we need then? Do you think Taylor is looking for more players? Has he noticed weaknesses in our side
I’d like a new left back , centre midfield and striker if I’m being greedy

If he hasn’t he needs to go to specsavers!

I’d let shade go back if we are paying towards his wages and look at loaning or selling Bates
Dont think we have any players who are our own who id be sad about leaving if an offer came in

Hopefully we can mutually terminate Ash Taylor back to say a Scottish club. Like to see us get Phillips and /or Miller in. They are clearly no where near good enough for Championship football. Send Shade back if we can. Attacking midfielder would be a priority along with a left back and dare I say it the battering ram striker we all yearn for

Expect little as thats what we usually get then we might be surprised.

Left back and another striker.

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Think we can all see we need a lb… hopefully ward stays fit until January… and another striker would be great… possibly another winger/attacker… for me kiernan doesn’t cut it… shade has been dissapointing aswell


Really don’t want to keep mentioning Kiernan as he seems like a top bloke but he should be a squad player not a starter

Credit where it’s due with Wardy yes his performances have been a 6/7 most weeks but in a season littered with injuries so far he’s stayed fit which is a testament to his professionalism with him looking after himself.


Need more cover at full back, unrealistic to think Ward is going to play all 46 games.

Taylor said aswell another striker so see what comes up there in Jan.

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Talking of January I liked that winger Kings Lynn had who gave Ward the run around can’t remember his name and have no idea of his background

Would like us to sign Brandon Mason as a signing for left back.

Another striker as back up to Miller aswell would be nice.

Send Perry and Bates our on loan.

Bring in a big target man, a left back and maybe a decent loan for the middle or the park.

Everyone gives Ward the runabout :crazy_face:


I think it will be another Frankie Valli transfer window where our strategy will be “let’s hang on to what we’ve got” rather than adding lots.


Yep and post a video of the shutters closing.

I don’t think we’ll sign anyone permanently (we haven’t since first week of July anyhow) other than perhaps Meyanese.

Think we’ll get another loan or two in, with one or two the other way. Probably announced at 8.56pm on deadline day.

The message touted will be squad is good enough and returning injured players are like new signings.


Taylor said he wanted more cover at full back and another striker at the forum. I think he might just get those if we can get a little higher in the league than now. Meyenese is clearly a target and he could be signed permanently in January. If Perry and Bates depart then another midfielder would be useful.

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Couldn’t have summarised any better myself. Other than Matt Taylors daily quotes to the Express and Star that we ate chasing 2 targets. Lol

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Hopefully not Beggars Parade.