January Transfer Window predictions

Right here goes my predictions

Bates loaned to Conference North or South for rest of season
Perry. Contract terminated early
Taylor. Signed by a Scottish club with us paying some of his wages
Shade Mutual agreement to return to Leicester
Khan. Contracted terminated


A left back. Melbourne type signing with a view to permanent deal
Winger. On loan for the rest of the season
Centre forward. Conference player whose out of contract at end of season. Small fee

Oztumer to return score 20 goals between now and end of the season and Walsall fc win the league.

Swap Perry and Bates around.

Khan released? Why? He’s one bright light, will get extended to end of season, which means we can send back Shade.

Concentrate all efforts on finding a striker.

I would even try and get Taylor off the wage bill.


No decent signings Bonlette to blame covid again.

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Absolutely keep Khan a really good lad just needs to iron out the odd daft mistake.

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Isn’t Khan only contracted until January?

I thought that also , which in my view can be the only reason the manager hasn’t played him anywhere near enough , doesn’t want to build around him then lose him in January , otherwise it makes no sense .

Nothing at all, outgoings perhaps? Oh wait a minute some bottom feeder Championship side might loan us an unused reserve at the last minute of January 31st.
When’s Osei Yaw coming back?

Big fat sweet nothing oh sorry their will be something in January the bogs will still leak :rofl: :rofl:

I would have hoped Khan will be invited to sign.


Absolutely yes

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Interesting read. I wonder if we’re using the data?

In all honesty I can see Kahn rejecting a deal here given his obvious quality at this level coupled with his lack of game time. No doubt others will be monitoring his situation given that his contract is up in the January and he won’t have to get up to speed from missing out on pre season

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Jan 1st. Club announce permanent signings of Menayese, Miller and Khan.

Wouldn’t be against that as long as we are planning to also get someone to help support / play with millet or at least give him a break from some games and being relied on too much - it’s killing him and the potential he showed when he first came.

We’ll sign a left back on loan early in the window.

The a no-mark striker on loan at 8.56pm on deadline day.


I’ve seen this name crop up a few times.
I can’t understand for the life of me why we’d want to sign Oliver, especially at his age and the fact that neither Rushworth or Rose have really let us down.


Been a bit harsh on Miller i admit that with a big lad upfront who can hold it up he might be a lot better if we continue with the current system it would be a waste of money and pointless signing him.

There you go @Killer78


Roll out the barrel! At least he knows where the net is, unlike most of our current forwards!

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