I notice that Keates has started bemoaning the lack of quality into the box again. With Cook back into the fold now, surely we need Jarvis more than ever? I’m surprised Oteh has not done more as well, given his impressive goal scoring return in the reserves at QPR. I can partly understand why Ferrier is being used sparingly at the moment but given that Jarvis is probably our most experienced and talented footballer on the books at the moment, does anyone know about his current fitness levels? Is Keates saving him for 6 pointers and resting him against the likes of Pompey and Sunderland? I know that he has been out for a long, long time but we really need him to produce. He is very active on Twitter when it comes to Wolves from yesteryear but I’m not sure about his fitness levels. Not quite of Bielik proportions, but I’m a little worried that we’ve spent the budget on someone who might not be physically up to the fight. I know that Ginnelly wanted to leave and we got a decent fee for him but, given what’s happened to him at PNE, I would rather have a fit Ginnelly than an injury prone Jarvis…

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He is injured.

DK mentioned post match after I think Fleetwood that Jarvis had rolled his ankle “like at Norwich” and they were waiting for it to settle down.

Given he missed years of football at Norwich not sure how much we’ll see of him in the run in which would be a blow.

The front three wasn’t an issue yesterday. Ismail got sloppy in second half but he was great first half, always an out ball and had some excellent runs. Zeli has wierd mentality but at least on this form he is a potential match winner in the run in.

Worth pointing out that Gordon won the FK from which the goal came from, chased Flanagan and got in ahead before being fouled. Now he’s adding goals to his game he stays in for me.

Wildcard for me is CBT. Thought he was brilliant yesterday first half and even in second half Sunderland were still struggling to stop him down the left.

I imagine Cook will start v Barnsley but he must have pace either side of him otherwise it all becames far too static on the counter attack and the aimless long ball.


Thanks for the update. I agree about potential but at the business end of the season, we are putting a lot of pressure on kids. I believe that Zeli was almost bought to replace Oztumer for natural flair and the ability to ‘unlock the door’. I know that he has great ability but does he have the desire? The club’s decision to offer him a one year deal with an option in the club’s favour, seems a wise one. I really hope that he steps up because he needs to weigh in with a few goals between now and the end of the season. Time is running out…

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For Barnsley I’d go with Cook upfront and Zeli, Gordon and CBT all interchanging behind him.

Only issue there is Barnsley are another top team at this level and that would unload midfield so Edwards and one of Kins/Dobbo would have to get through more work so potential to be overrun.

If Jarvis is fit he waits on the bench like Cook had to yesterday.

Cook may need to wait; however, he scored a really important goal at Oakwell and I would like to see the club start the game on the front foot. My memories of Barnsley at home do not fill me with hope though! I remember Fletcher destroying us when he was on loan from Man Utd, just before O’Dismal’s reign came to an end. Having said that, Jordan Cook scored THAT goal from a corner which was one of the cleanest volleys I have seen for a long time! After the Fleetwood result, hopefully Cook and Flash can ruffle a few feathers because we certainly owe the Tykes a good stuffing!

Goals seemed to have dried up for them in recent weeks, 0-0 v Donny and Sunderland last two. 4 0-0s in their last 6 which is probably linked to losing Kiefer Moore for the season injured.

Next two are far more realistic to get at least draws from than Pompey or Sunderland I think.