Jimmy Walker podcast

This is an interesting listen, if only for the Jan quote


Listened to this earlier. Really enjoyed it. The Jan quotes were hilarious :joy:

I also recommend the others too Undr the Cosh is usually hilarious.


Enjoyed that, great listen.

The Andy Johnson one (ex WBA one) is the funniest. Wacka’s is top 3 too.

There’s a part II for Jimmy at some point too

The Geoff Horsfield one is interesting, he also says he’s joined us before he got diagnosed with Cancer.

Great watch that. Who is the fella in the baseball cap? I recognise him but for the life of me Can’t think of his name…

Sorry Chris Brown isn’t it…

I think the next part is out next Tuesday mate.

I’d also recommend David Dunn’s and Mark Crossley’s! Quality podcast.

Yes that’s him

Enjoyed that

I listened to the Louie Theroux ‘Grounded’ podcast earlier in the week with Troy Deeney. Good listen, although there isnt that much about Walsall. He comes across well talking about his upbringing and his time in prison changing his mentality.

Crossley is class. Saw him at a sporsmans dinner for our Sunday team a couple years ago. Hilarious.

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Excellent recommendation.
Thought it hilarious from start to finish.

Just finished watching the Geoff Horsfield one, fantastic watch. Jim Gannon … :joy:

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I’m just halfway though listening to that one

Very good and very funny to listen to. If you get chance have a listen to the part 1 and 2 Kevin Campbell podcasts on Under the Cosh, they were really good.

Just finished those, superb stories on that. “HE’S GOT A SHOOTER”

Best thing I’ve done so far is listen to the ‘Beat Of’ pods as you get the best stories from them all! Some crackers on there

Nicky Weaver’s is one of my favourites.


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