Joe Edwards E&S

He only had regurgitate what has been on UTS for the past two years or so. Just left out the swear words.

Probably off Jeff/Jef 's Christmas card list though.


The closest we’ve had to Paul Marston - since Paul Marston.

How utterly refreshing to have a reporter who is not afraid to say it as it actually is.


Maybe. But he has watched every match home and away this season apart from a couple for personal reasons. So he has seen the dross up close and personal and for more matches than most of us manage away from home where most of the excess dross has been served up.
He hasn’t commented on MinutesGate and the excellent work of ISSA yet. Wonder if they would do a slot on ISSA on their next Bescot Beat podcast if pushed by us?


Well said Joe, long overdue that someone with a platform said something.

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Excellent article

Great to see ISSA putting their support behind a female fan, anychance you can explain what happened or is it too sensitive an issue?


No it’s not sensitive mate

what happened was. That we where. Dropped off at top of the street. As advised by a steward. Who said jump off walk down and coach will be with the others at the end of the game

An incident took place that saw a female Walsall fan struck by a home supporter, as we walked down to the away end. Turnstiles.

and wether people think it right or wrong he immediately got instant retribution served. To him (. In the only language a bully understands ) by. Some old school. Lads.

I’d also say the lady in question. Is the sister of a well respected poster on this site. And he To was subjected to heavy handed tactics by the stewards. For no reason.

Strange and good thing about it tho was the rovers fan giving it the terry ten men. Large , ended up. Coming of worse. Again right or wrong you don’t strike. Women. And if you do you get what you deserve and he got his.
Again it’s strange how bullies squeal the most. When on the receiving end.

I have written to SLO. Asking for club to invite lady. To the club. To experience some hospitality or at the very least send. Flowers to her home address. And. Have said Issa will. Foot half on any costs involved in doing so,

We will always look out for our own. It’s part and parcel of being a Walsall fan



Hope the lady is ok, and so glad he got what he deserved.

Brilliant work by you guys again :clap: :+1:

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Respect DH.

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Respect indeed @Dhforever

I don’t think amount of shares gives someone a place on the board, other than them being the majority shareholder like Pomlett.

The Midland News association have 500 I seem to remember but there are also a few more that have 500 or more.

Whallet has about 700 I think.
The family of Geoff Allman (who wrote several WFC books) has about 1200.
There are a few individuals and an investment company with 500+.

Then there are several hundred with shares in the single figures.

Yeah, the answer is “it depends”. If you have a shareholder with a controlling interest as we do, then it is up to him as he can either support or reject any nomination based on his voting rights. Basically the same with all decisions.



Need to know who they are, so I can guarantee they never see a penny of my savings.

I Googled them yesterday and they seemed to be a privately owned media company owned by the Illife family. Sure there were also other shareholdings under that name too.

Joe Edwards moving onto pastures new, best of luck to him! Felt he had a good connection with the club and got what we’re about.