Joe Low

This is a large part of the problem of the last few seasons, and probably even going back as far as when Smith left.

We have a poor season and then the team is branded shite as a whole which leads to clearing the decks completely and having to start from scratch. This has been made worse by new managers coming in and wanting their own team.

We seem to regularly let players go who then go on to perform better with other teams. It seems that rather than realise some have the potential to play better but need better players around them we just write them off and ship them out.

I think our defence has got better by keeping Monthe and Daniels from last season but obviously midfield and attack need work.


If we play Low, he should be the centre of a back 3, just as Scarr is at Plymouth. He would be very effective in that role but you have to build a defence around that. He is by some way the most dangerous of our defenders for corners and long throws.

Low has ambitions to break into City’s first team and why not he won’t want to stay with us


That made me laugh :smiley:

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Good. He’s cack.

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Is he though? Really? As a youngster after only a handful of league appearances, I think that’s very harsh.

Ok, Low may not be the best passer from defence, but who in there is particularly great, and the likes of White/Daniels/Monthe all have literally hundreds of EFL appearances behind them. I’d argue if you are asking that of your centre backs in L2 then you have more of a problem with your midfield.

If used as a head it/kick it type centre back (in the mould of say Ian Roper as someone upthread mentioned) I’d have no issues with us taking him if he was offered to us next season.


I think he’ll be ok.I have seen him make a few long passes directly to his own players feet and think he meant them.
Worth signing for the future if possible.

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He will grow with confidence more matches he plays , he will be 7ft at the end of the season by my reckoning

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Unreal he scores for Wales under 21s and suddenly he is the answer ffs how desperate are we? He is a hoof and head type makes Ian Roper look like Franco Baresi saw one of our fans online blaming other fans for Andy Williams being shite because they arent supporting him nothing to do with him being past it though its all the fans fault :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

No one thinks Low is 'The answer". He is a young player starting his career. I don’t know whether he will make it as a professional footballer but to simply write him off is nonsense.I am surprised that one of those doing that is our learned professor as I would have thought he would understand more than most that individuals develop at different rates. This particularly true of footballers.

We could take a gamble on him, at least if he fails as a footballer he could always work the door on the Bonzo suite of an evening.

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Yep, five league starts, all for us, seems very early to be making definitive judgements. He’s clearly not the finished article yet, but why would he be?

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Thinking about it, that is one of the questions that could have been asked last night
“When are all references to the leach going to be removed from the club”


Every home game I walk past and look to see if it’s been changed, and how many times i’ve looked round for a half end ducker … :rage:

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Surely as a club we should be looking at young players who have done ok then try improve and sell them rather than going for oaps and cripples
In a years for 2 we would either release low or sell him for 250k plus
In 2 years players we usually sign like Williams will have their slippers up reading the sun

Agree but not sure Low is coming to us unless Bristol are going to make him available.

We have been trying the last couple of years, Earing, Knowles, Hutch, McEntee, Gordon, Abraham, to name some signed with plenty to prove who have had varying degrees of success.
We’ve signed senior players like Ward, Williams and Clarke and they haven’t worked out too well. I think signing senior pros can be a good thing, but we need to be better at it.

That’s the spirit Thany. Just the sort of encouragement he needs.

I’m sure he’s reading this :joy:

Maybe I was a little harsh, but he’s not a very good footballer. Happy to be proven wrong.

Nah, I was right.

What a twonk. I’d send him back in the morning.