Jon Guthrie - Livingston

Is he playing as a striker for them or something? Every time I’m bored and click on a Livingston result he has scored. They only need Luke Leahy to complete there Ex Saddlers defensive 4 tonight.

Have a good Christmas fellow Saddlers fans and all the best for 2021.

To be honest every time I’ve seen him play for them he has been excellent

Perhaps when the Covid thing is all over, we should all make our way there to see the old boys…or get ourselves a friendly there. Mrs Krankie permitting.

Scored again today… must be there top scorer so far this season.

Not quite. Think that’s his 5th. Forrest has 10.

Can barely remember Guthrie scoring at all in his two seasons here. Bang average defender.

Watch Dan Scarr go to Dundee and score 20 next season.

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I thought the same… Shame it wouldn’t be James Clarke.