Jonas Mukuna Signs

On a one year deal

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Did they spell Bacuna wrong? :sweat_smile: Didn’t get a chance to watch during pre season but reports suggested he won’t be anywhere near the first team soon

Hope he does well. But saw nothing really when he was on trial. Fingers crossed though, good luck!

Surely this isn’t one of the 2

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Is there an “underwhelmed” emoji?

Must be a competition winner.

Shockingly bad in pre season.

This isn’t bacuna? I’m confused

He was terrible pre season - so must surely be for the youth team.

Wish the lad well
But there is desperate, and there is WFC desperate :anguished:

Seriously quality signing Shown a lot of promise pre season. Should be a longer deal as he will be stolen when he starts banging then in
I expect to be a starter to add the needed finishing to the first team
Is quick , direct , good ball control. Age on his side . Exciting for this one! Start him Saturday over knowles or allen?


Presumably your taking the piss. I bloody hope this is not one of the 2.

Piss take of the year award for that post :rofl:

What an awful signing… enough said

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:unamused: or :expressionless:

You’ve been watching Joe Lycett haven’t you!



Hilarious. At least Pomlett is training Boycott well I suppose in giving people false hope and coming out with general bullshit


At least they didn’t do a stupid gif teaser to get our hopes up…

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Perhaps we are having a Bacuna and a Mukuna and the club are teasing us to boil piss with this one before ceromoniously announcing the star signing