Jonny weed

Right guys please bear with me on this one and read to the end. , as it’s both a pleasure and. An equally sad post to write

As many of you may be aware my brother in law is. John Stephenson. Better known as aka. Weed

Weed is both a well known. Face at Walsall games and. Is quite rightly a bit of a legend Amongst fans of a certsin age and. I don’t think there’s anyone on the beechdale wouldn’t have heard of him. Weed has been going home and away since the late. Fifties watching the saddlers,

It is with immense sadness that weed has recently been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, which is inoperable and at such an advanced stage that there is no treatment available

In true weed style he’s facing it in his own legendary way. And. As. Hinted that he wants no form of sympathy. Or people gathering after his passing. Crying. And. Saying what a legend he was. Etc. But would rather all his old pals gather for one last hurrah, Or a streetender party as he puts it, and. Go out with. A bang. , This attitude will come as no surprise to those who know weed, and I wouldn’t expect anything other than him to defy the norm

As a family we are determined to grant his. Wishes. And provide him with one hell of a party ,

And for me it will be an honour to provide what he’s requested. He’s more of a brother than brother in law
And it’s my turn. To look out for him now, Just as he did me. Alongside all the other beechdale lads who took me everywhere with them watching Walsall from a very young age , some education I can tell you lol

We would like to invite anyone who knows John to the railway club. Next Saturday night. August the 22 nd at 7pm to have a saddlers knees up and grant weed his wish, A huge turnout from the beechdale lads will be guaranteed. But as said we want everyone. Who has ever. Come across him to attend if poss,
Including all the old Blakenall and pleck . Alongside all the old blocks lads.

I’m sure there’s many. Who. Will confirm. He’s a legend and no doubt again plenty who can tell a tale or two. Of the many escapades he got us into travelling the country watching dh

As said. He’s one of our own. And if any of you can make it next Saturday please come along. And if poss wear your colours. ,

Weed is a one off. And that’s being polite lol. And even tho some may think we are doing the wrong thing. By. Doing this. If you know him you know just how much this will mean to him, He will be the only guy I know. Who’s attending his own wake lol,

Please don’t disclose details on any other site as he will see it , But he’s not on uts. As we want it to be a. Surprise for him
But as said. To all who know him please attend. And let’s give him the last huragh he deserves


Sad news and although not close he is my cousin.

He had a fantastic turnout in the railway last tSaturday mate, So many old streetenders turned out for him. With all the beechdale lads. Alongside other saddlers making it a great night,

He’s not to well at present and is currently suffering at the hands of this cruel disease .


Thanks for that and great he had a good night.
Did his brothers and sister go?
Say hello for me if you see him please. Tell him it`s from his uncle bills son Alan.

Yes mate , mick Albert. Kate And Tracey all there
Kate travelled down from Warrington despite being ill herself
Will pass on your. Regards to weed when I see him later today