Josh Ginnelly

Signed for us on a 1 year deal.

Welcome back!

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Welcome back Josh. Think this could be a good signing as he presumably will play as an out and out winger in a 4-4-2

Good to see him back, good luck to the lad, hopefully it all works out for him. Good also to see the club only offer 1 yr contract, just in case it doesn’t. No mention of any terms in the sense of favourable to the club should it all fall into place and he has a blinder of a season??


Morning, first time poster. Saw josh sheff utd away in the cup,very good performance even with jw barking at him the whole time.Could be a very good addition.


Lets hope it works out well for the lad…I have my doubts but I wish him well.

If I am correct, Josh has experienced two promotions since he last donned the Saddlers shirt. Once with Lincoln and again with Tranmere.

The latter also indicates a good relationship already with Cook, and now that he is coming into a 442 as opposed to the 352 that we tried to play that season where he didn’t really fit, I think this is an excellent signing.

Welcome back Josh!


Happy with this. Now get Ismail to play the other side and we could be in for an exciting season!


Didn’t rate him first time round but second chances and all that. Hope he proves me wrong like Dobson did.

Not overly excited by this tbh, however its clear he has bags of raw talent so who knows…

An interesting signing, I have a good feeling that with better coaching he will blossom.

Tranmere fan in peace, Cook a great signing for you best goal scorer and finisher I’ve seen at Tranmere for a long time. Gino not so much struggled to get into our side before the play offs only scored twice for us and couldn’t get in the squad at Lincoln. I was almost expecting him to sign for us as back up certainly not a starter, don’t think he’s even close to league 1 quality lots of potental tho who knows could be great for you.


I know I’m getting old and my memory ain’t what it was but didn’t this bloke play on the same flank as Zelli?
Can someone jog my memory?

@BeardyBob If memory serves he’s right-footed but can operate on either wing.

Question is, does such an early announcement mean another ones on the way today? :thinking:

Let’s hope so.

yes better coaching and playing in his best position should help him develop into a half decent player.

Was hoping that we may still pick up on Zelli but other posters suggest he’s too expensive for us - shame.
Do I become the 1st poster in the new forum to mention JB and the rent?
Is there a prize?:grinning:

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Hope I’m wrong but he wasn’t much good first time round. Let’s hope he’s improved since then.

Where was he playing for you. Dan? Right-wing or left-wing cutting inside?

He was playing for us during a very poor spell. Losing to Macc in the cup etc. I liked some of his stuff. Willing to have a go. Jonny Bullshit hinted that an attitude problem put him off extending his loan, and then a lack of productivity. Both excuses appearing nonsense. For attitude read a differing opinion and check who got the assists when we played against him and Lincoln City.

Glad Keates is taking on footballers that aren’t robots, that will challenge, question and push others. Attitudes can be opportunities not always a problem.

May not work out, but at the very least there appears to be a clear plan.