Josh Gordon returns

I like Josh. Actually thought he was playing ok on Saturday, compared to some others. Opinions I know.
He’s not a natural finisher but he will score a few at this level, and will make chances for others, for example the sitter Faal missed. He also works up and down the pitch, which is a big positive for me. I would like to see him playing upfront with DJ.


Agree that could be a decent pairing for now though I’d try him and Oteh or Matt

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100 pct agree. Matt and Oteh are the 2 best players so need to start together. Faall. Gordon. Rubbish. James Taylor. Playing the wrong sport

But we know the clueless idiot in charge won’t play our best players.

Sadler out

Problem Daniel’s has and it is of sadlers own making is not getting another left sided centre half in when hussey left and he instead brought in 2 right sided ones in dave and the lad from Norwich.
Daniels I think makes the odd mistake due to being wrong footed and would be a lot more comfortable playing were dave does.


Its not a bad point, there was many times in the first half on Saturday he wanted to cover someone on the left being shite and then deciding to not and covering his own position. Which made him look like rubbish too, but it was understandable. Especially when Gordon was involved.


You make a very good point all season when I watch Daniel’s he’s so busy try to cover deficiency all over the defence right and left .it impairs his own roll an performance in the team .I personally think all our problems stem from we have still not got a stable and functioning defence .we have some decent players in there but at times the do not look like a unit .until we sort this .and the early goals conceded is a symptom of this we are always chasing games and on the back foot .


We certainly need a tonic to go with that Double Gordon’s!! Let’s hope it’s tonight!