Josh Gordon Signs!

3 year deal for an undisclosed fee!

Good news…obviously the Baka. money is being used.

3 years and a fee??? Walsall FC? What on earth is going on?

Welcome to the bench kid. Hopefully he can earn his place.


Yep so that’s Baka out, Cook, Ferrier and Graham in. Unbelievable business if you ask me, even if one is unproven.


Who’s Graham? :thinking:

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Good business by the manager and club. Should keep everyone on their toes. Now for a central defender please.

I got my old man names mixed up

Another exciting signing for me, and another fee!!! Really starting to look like an impressive squad Keates has put together now, with enough competition for places - cb aside maybe.

I am astounded :astonished::astonished::astonished: A three year deal? never been known, they must have thought that there is something to work with giving him that long?. Maybe we will see the best of him in the next 12 to 18 months, really pleased with the way our transfers have come to fruition after such a poor start :ok_hand:

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Three in the day before the first match , and now all this just before the deadline. I wouldn’t fancy playing poker with DK.


Leicester fans on Twitter seem dissapointed he has left. Impressed against stellar opposition including Valencia and Lille during pre-season. Another player determined and desperate to succeed in League 1. An upgrade on Bakayoko. Dare I say it’s all falling into place under Deano.

Pleasing move, no doubt this lad is keen to be playing regularly , hopefully he’ll develop nicely with us.

Any idea on the fee?

I have the feeling that whichever of our 3 strikers to be left out of the starting 11 is gonna be pretty miffed to be on the bench.
Deano will have his work cut out keeping all 3 happy.

someone on twitter mentioned £100,000?

Doesn’t he play on the wing as well?

So do you drop Ginelly or Ismail?:open_mouth:

Neither at the moment but looks a versatile attacking option from the bench to replace either striker or wingers.

If fit i’d still hope for Cook and Ferrier to start and this new guy to have to earn a place. Either way, I can’t imagine defenders being best pleased seeing the pace and power of Ferrier/Gordon/Cook coming off the bench.