Josh Gordon

Looks like a little bit of rewriting history going on. Wasn’t the bet that Gordon would have sored more goals than Cook by the end of the season? Didn’t notice any small print about all fixtures needing to have been completed too.

Officially, the L2 season ended today without any results, stats, etc being expunged - which means that in the record books it will show Gordon scored more goals than Cook over the 2019/20 season.

But then again, you can never trust a bookie - even an ex one! :wink:


Lol all the usual suspects and all that,

I’ve got a few slips here backing Walsall to win league. Wonder if William hill will pay me out,
Then again, they are sensible people so guess they won’t pay out on a void bet

Probably not as we didn’t win the league - Swindon did, and I’d expect any bets on them doing so to be honoured.

Or, if it’s being called a non-runner - EVERYONE gets their money back? Can’t see them doing that …

Not sure if anyone took me up on mine. Pretty much 75% of the season played so happy to pay out 75%, 15 quid given Josh scored more than Cook even when you discount his hat trick v Forest Green under 8s.

The season has finished - there’s still play offs isn’t there ? As well teas being promoted and relegated…

To prove it’s not about the money I will donate £100 to rob Harvey’s charity walk. In aid of acorns

Rob pm me details on how to pay you mate

Maybe others on here who had bets would be happy to do the same,


I could do with that £100. Just got a puncture


My spread bet with Sporting Index stands. Unfortunately for me, thems the rules :relieved:

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Anybody know when he is expected to be fit?

Only just seen this :joy:

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Any news on how long he is out for?

With games thick and fast, I think his (un)availability is crucial for our chances.

Does anyone care? :joy:

“At least December”. Which is more information than Clarke usually share. I’m guessing that means it won’t be until January at the earliest.

Hence the loan signings. Until January.


I think he’s out till December? hence the on loan strikers we’ve just signed. Big miss for me, an excellent player at this level as proved last season.

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Spooky :ghost:

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Thank you PT and Cully.

Big blow with the Saturday/Tuesday/Saturday/Tuesday marathon we are in the midst of.

Massive blow as evidenced today. Eli trying to cover two/three roles. One up front at home is not great.

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Love Eli and his effort, and he has come on leaps and bounds over the last season or so, but i can’t help thinking that his final choice of ball needs more work.

My worry with Eli is that with 2 games a week his form will suffer with all the running he does. Hopefully the 2 new lads will help with that in some games.

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I agree WalsallOne.

We need players who can come in and do a like for like job. I worry that when we rest a player we then have to change the way we play. Which is why I was disappointed that an absent Guthrie led to picking Sinclair rather than Bates or even Perry. Nothing against Sinclair but he is a completely different type of midfielder to Guthrie.

Up top, from the glimpses I’ve seen Scrimshaw looks quite Adebayo in the way he plays with George looking more Gordon. If that is the case then that is great because for much as I get Darrell propagating the need to use the whole squad we can’t change the way we play to accommodate every change.

Not that I think we have a really clear Clarke “way”. We should. For the sake of giving very limited players a set method that they can drill and drill until it is second nature.

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He is very keen on setting up the team to profit from the oppositions perceived weaknesses and counter their strengths.