Josh March

25+ goals for leamington already this season. Was in the stands today watching the game. Has left himself out or as a sub in their last game to avoid injury. Highly likely to sign for us.

Got this info from my mate who’s very in the know about non league footie and also manages a local west mids non league team.


If he gets as many chances in the first team as Hardy has then god help him!


Who is your source @Jamessaddler Richard Thorndike?

Good. Accy took a chance on a high scoring local non league striker (also at Leamington) and he’s been brilliant for them.

Interested what sort of striker he is. Targetman (so Gaffney can be sent back) or more someone who can drop deeper and link up with the midfield.

No mate someone else.

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Sounds promising how old is he mid 20’s??

Was it Boris Johnson James? :grinning:

The Dudley Town manager is a Walsall fan. He tweeted about it this afternoon.

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That’s him.

He’s early 20s,the only thing is,he can play wing,midfield or striker…I was hoping for an out and out striker.

Yeah Dudley manager Simon.

You didn’t keep that source secret for long James…:grinning:

What was your first pets name or your mother maiden name James :rofl:


Haha got called out mate. I just didn’t wanna go blabbering on but didn’t know he’d tweeted it.



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He played with my mate and is close friends with him…

My pal said he came off early other day for them with a little niggle but deffo is a good talent just not the fastest!

Great lad and wants too achieve things so lets get him in and give him a whip cant be any worse than some strikers

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Jimmy Greaves wasn’t fast,just deadly.

I dont care if hes got one eye if the lad can finnish hes worth a punt

It’s a funny old game.

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