Joss Labadie to Swindon?

Thought it wouldn’t take long for him to be linked with Swindon. Just watch him have a blinder of a season and turn into the player we hoped he was (but never saw).

They’re welcome to him. Got to be one of the most disappointing players we’ve had.

Really thought he was going to be an Adam Chambers type midfielder, but he ended up being anything but that.


I thought exactly the same…

Less Adam Chambers and more Mad Crab. Shame…

One of the worst most pointless signings on Walsall fc history
Didn’t do a dam thing but take a wage and a yellow or red
Diabolical player and piece of business
Rushall back up at best now

Only pluses from labadies time with us is that his substantial earnings are finally off the wage bill. And that he had his best game away in the win against DC and the vale .


The blokes an idiot anyone who signs him must be mad.


Labadie was a complete liability, every single time he stepped on the pitch it was only a matter of time before he went in the book.
As far as I’m concerned Swindon are very welcome to him.


Achieved absolutely eff all in two seasons. He was sht before his knee injury, god knows how bad he is after it!

If Flynn signs him then I think that will confirm why we probably sacked him.

One trick pony springs to mind.


I cannot believe Flynn would sign him. If he does, I suppose it will be consistent with him liking players who have had serious injuries.

I have never been so pleased to see the back of a player.


And the trick is getting in the referee’s notebook.


One of the shittest players I’ve ever seen, only thing he’s consistent with is getting booked, would be a terrible signing for Swindon

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At least we know Swindon will be down to 10 men within 5 mins at the Bescot next season :slight_smile:


I would not be surprised if Flynn went for one or two of our discards, Kinsella, Monthe or White, maybe even Maddox but surely not Labadie.

I’d be surprised if he went for Kinsella. Didn’t seem to trust him by the end. You never know in football though I guess.

I think he’ll be very keen to get monthe and white, 2/3 of a very solid defence…he will be missing the best of the 3 though, unless he tries to sign Daniels.

Imagine playing Swindon next year and Flynn starts with white labadie monthe kinsella Wilkinson and Williams


I’ve got an old wardrobe they can have that will be cheaper and have less stupidity to get yellow cards. From what I’ve seen it would perform a lot better too.


Swindlers the gift that keeps on giving🤣