Just imagine

If we had an owner like this…



It’s a thread of tweets but shines a light on what AS are doing for their local community (free AS replica shirt for every primary school child in their area!), working with the trust - and how trusts get funded.

Very interesting read…

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We can’t even get a badge to stay on our shirts … fair play them great little club :+1:t2:


Everything there, out in the open. Transparency. If we had that info from our club we may be a bit more understanding when belts are tightened, for instance.


They are all that we are not.

When was the last time our owner bothered to communicate?


Absolutely quality - so disappointing we don’t do things like this, especially when we have a population of double or even triple those towns


Bonser sell our club !

Put the whole club up for sale , not just a part of it …THE WHOLE CLUB , and let someone who cares about the Football club , not the money making family business you run it as …but for someone who actually wants a successful Football club .

I’m convinced the club would sell if only it was ALL for sale .



He doesn’t need to sell, so he won’t. There’s been numerous threads on here about this subject.

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Andy Holt’s twitter feed is brilliant stuff for the discerning lower league football supporter. They have some wonderful fan focused initiatives, like they don’t change shirt designs every year. Saving fans cash and actually making shirt sales more attractive throughout the season as they are set to play in them longer.

Donny are the other model, brilliant customer service and fan focussed initiatives. They’ve won family club of the year, or been in the running, loads of times.

Also expect the experience at Bristol Rovers to improve exponentially as they recruited a guy with a track record in improving fan experiences at several clubs.

So rather than Luton, Bournemouth or Rotherham, it really could or should be, Donny, Stanley or Brizzie Rovers.


Exactly right.

Our club seem to think that the whole experience is to do with the match rather than the environment and feeling that is created around it. When we win, it doesn’t really matter. Walsall winning always equals a good day. But we don’t always win. In fact in recent years, we rarely win. And that’s why the feeling and environment created apart from the match is important in making people want to come back even if we’re a bit rubbish on the pitch.

A sense of belonging, togetherness and identity which unfortunately the current model and structure make impossible.

Which is why it gets my goat when even some of our own fans accept the regime in its current guise, shrug a bit and go “well on our crowds what do you expect?”. As though our comparatively poor attendances are a given. As though the the people who run our club can do absolutely nothing about it. As though clubs like Doncaster, Shrewsbury and Rotherham who started quite a long way behind us are anomalous or in some bizarre way “had it easier”. All bobbins of course. They’ve all just worked really hard at engaging their local communities and understanding what it takes to get more of them to come and watch their local football team.


Having smart new urine and stanchion free grounds makes a big difference too. I often wonder why fans of those three clubs refused to support their clubs at their old venues.

This is quite important, ever looked round at an away match?
Very rarely do you ever see two tops or two scarves the same in our away section, we look as if we all support different clubs!
Changing kit design is just pure profiteering for the club, no other reason.

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Most of the other teams actually …

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If anyone is on Twitter Andy Holt is well worth a follow. This guy shows the way a club can live within its means (like we do and are disadvantaged for) and still engage and inspire its fans. It doesn’t take vast sums of cash, just honest open communication, a mature response to criticism and a willingness to give something back in return for the fans loyalty.
Difference is he is clearly a fan driven to do his best for his club and the community it serves. The contrast with our saviour makes it obvious to me that Bonser is just after and easy, risk free 400k with zero interest in football or community.
Oh and his insights about how the EFL have allowed the PL to impose a system that puts smaller, sustainably run clubs at an unfair disadvantage are eye opening. If only we had a representative on the EFL board to speak up for clubs such as ours but it sounds like if you rock the boat thay won’t have you will they Steff🤷🏻♂️.


I think it’s been decided by those at the club that it’s best our “saviour” keeps his gob shut.

On the odd occasion he has popped up in the last decade he can’t resist giving it the big un and antagonising fans.

Remember the “Why shouldn’t I?”, “Divorced from financial reality.” and “…go and support Luton, Rotherham & Bournemouth!” episodes! :roll_eyes:

And the ‘no reason we can’t be in the top tier’ (I paraphrase but that’s the gist of it) when he first set out as our dear leader.