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Good Evening,

Thank you to the generosity of Walsall supporters (and some others from clubs such as Wolves, WBA, and Blackpool to name a few), our crowdfunding brought in a grand total of £7220.

After the card transaction fees have been applied, Walsall Football Club will be in receipt of £6899.43 over the coming days. Not a life-changing amount but something to help pay for essential things that need to be done at the club.

The first part of the money will be used to fund cardiac screening for older academy and youth teamers, as per requirements.

Thank you so much to anyone who has donated and supported. You are appreciated. :heart::white_heart::green_heart:


A sterling effort Rob… I applaud you.

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Considering what is going on at the moment, I think its an incredible effort mate :clap: :clap:

Great effort by all which can only be applauded . And well done rob :clap::clap::clap:

Great work guys well done.

Great effort

Serious question Which I hope someone can correct me on

I have a basic understanding of accounts and I haven’t took a look at WFCs for a while

Do we pay out for Directors ? Comes under something like remuneration ? Which is payments they’re allowed to take for their services I’ve seen it in other accounts

If this is something that appears in our accounts I hope this section of our accounts states Zero This year

Or the club makes a mockery of this great gesture

I think you will find that the non-executive directors don’t receive renumeration.
The executive directors do as they are employees of the club.

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Thanks Saddla

Would this be classed as their Salary ? Or would salary fall in the wages column ?

And also do you know if this is worked out in any particular way ? Or is it as the discretion of the Board as to what and how it is paid off

Suggest this is not the thread to take off track in such a manner…

Seems to be about 5%. A tad expensive for a mostly automated process, no? I don’t recall a similar haircut for other donations I’ve participated in over the years.

Anyway, well done Rob.

Well done Rob, great job

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