Kane Wilson Signs

Year long loan from WBA. Very good for Exeter last season and highly rated.

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Not bad…

Does this mean the departure may not be Bakka and it is a defender instead, maybe Devlin or Kinsella?

Zeli to play up top with Cook and Devlin at RM? (Doubt it haha)

Think Devlin will start tomorrow but excited to see how this guy does as the season goes on.

Keates classes Kinsella as a CM.

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Not good enough for a first team starting place in my book, pretty sure if he wasnt still under contract he would not be with us now

Happy with this too.

I’m a barns lane saddler to, small world bud :slight_smile:

Haven’t always been barns lane saddler, up until I married a Rushall girl in 85 I was a Beechdale saddler born and bred

If he’d come from ■■■■■■ , he’d be Kane Dingle. I’ll get me coat.

First photo: