Keates and Formations


Worth remembering that Smith was given a few years to implement that style. Keates has been in the job seven months.


I’ve been critical of Keates decision making but he is a young manager. I’ll give him the rest of this season and a good chunk of the next before I decide if he’s crap or not.


Indeed and with both of them, they are / were dealing with inconsistent League 1 players.

Good managers take into account he opposition style / strengths / weaknesses prior to and during games rather than just play the same old style / system week in week out.

I remember Smith being out thought by more experienced managers in his early years, and was often slow to make changes during the game, particiularly to counter changes made by the opposite manager, but he clearly learned.

Confident that Keates can too.


Ee’s gorra gew.


we have gone from rigid to revolutionary :joy: