Keates sacked


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Gutted it didn’t work but the right decision. Problems at the club run much much deeper.


Good, now Mole and Gamble next please …


100% calculator

Agreed. Two incompetent ■■■■■■ who should be nowhere near our club.


Too late.

It didn’t work out. I’m sure he tried his best and he will be disappointed tonight. Still a hero in my book and will forever be. Many passionate displays from Keates as a player and has my complete respect as part of our club.

Good luck Dean!


‪Thank you @keates12 for all your hard work. Everyone connected with the club knows you were fighting with one hand behind your back from the start. The current regime is toxic and needs gutting from top to bottom.‬


Sad end

Good luck Dean


He might have had 1 hand tied behind his back but the guy was simply clueless. Small budget but wasted what little he had in Jan by bringing in so many he doesn’t play when really he needed to bring in a more experienced gk as I said in Jan. Norman for Ismail was the decision of a clueless beaten man


Says it all Bonser conducting his dirty work say in the stands. Don’t do it Martin, it’s a poisoned chalice - the whole club is toxic. Utterly depressed and quite frankly delighted I won’t be around next season to witness it all unfold.

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Had to happen. Probably two months too late to change things this season but the second half reaction from the crowd was understandbly volatile and the manager is usually finished in those circumstances.

A shame as I wanted it to work like everyone but at best he’s a league two standard manager at least to learn his trade in the league which the results and in game management indicate.

Guess M O’C will have 5 games to perform a mini miracle and then situation would be re-assesed in the summer.

Would get Darrell Clarke in, he was practically begging for the Yeovil job on the EFL Quest show last week which suggests he’d happily take a for now league one club.

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Clearly tried his best but just didn’t work. Always sad to see somebody who is Walsall through and through leave, but it was never going to turn round for him and today really was as poor as it can get.

I would imagine O’Connor till the end of the season? What we can’t afford to do is mess up our next permanent appointment, could well be the difference between non-league and a promotion push in League Two.


Absolutely shambolic second half performance today. How on earth were we not fired up for a must win second half at 1-1 against 10 men? The only surprise is how late in the day this decision has been made.


Should have gone after Cov really but it doesn’t make any difference. Had to go really. I’m just glad I don’t have to read abuse directed at him from Walsall fans anymore.

No doubt I’ll feel the same way about O’Connor though when that goes pop as well. The club needs total overhaul.


Now it’s done (sorry Dean and thanks for your efforts) but we must turn our anger to the real cause of this debacle that has become our club

It’s hard to accept that an owner of a business will continue to do the exact same thing with the exact same result for so long before either being forced out or at a minimum change his approach…

He can no longer argue that we are a successfully run club because we aren’t - manager after manager is doomed to failure with a complete lack of financial and practical support and he just keeps on with the same old approach

When are we as fans going to start the protests and drive to shift things on?

I know and we all know it’ll take a monumental effort to get him out but surely we could aim to force some sort of change because his approach does nothing for the club and certainly nothing for the careers of the fools that take on the managers role at WFC

Just an opinion…


New manager will have one more game to avoid relegation than Merson was given in 2004 - who said that Bonser never learns from his mistakes?


Dean will always be a legend as a player. Just nowhere near good enough as manager. Relying on same defence as last season pretty much and then signing players he hasn’t played, combined with shocking in game management, had to go a lot sooner.

However, the club is dying. From top to bottom! All of them need to go.


Ps: could easily see us going down next season

You sum it up well. I agree with both your main points. Sad but inevitable.

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