I’d like to rule in blatant incompetency.

He is a man lost. Completely lost.

Another set of players tonight, trying yet another formation and ultimately playing like strangers.

The manager is so far out of his depth it hurts.


Spot on PT. If he isn’t gone after this, it will be a perverse decision. And, quite frankly, we have absolutely no hope of staying up with him in charge but maybe a slim chance without him. If he stays, no doubt we’ll see a different 11 and different tactics on Saturday


In tick tock terrority now I’m afraid…didn’t want it to get to this stage but his position is really untenable now.

The actual good news is the club still haven’t dropped in the bottom 4, that will be happening next few weeks but there is still a slight chance for a new manager to come in and lift things for a few games.

It’s not like the club are in Wimbledon’s position after all.

Now the problem is this…give DK a few more weeks to try to get a win seeing as team is playing Coventry, Bradford, Burton and Fleetwood and then sack him and you then give a new manager/caretaker a run of Portsmouth, Sunderland and Barnsley. Not really sure what they’re meant to do with that.

With a heavy heart I’d make a change tomorrow which should mean someone in charge permanently for Bradford at home otherwise yet another home six pointer will just go the same horrible way all the other ones have since Boxing day.

This is worse than under Whitney now.


It’s much worse now, even more direction-less. I agree with your logic, get someone now and give them a chance. That might have to be ward if he’ll do it, because it needs someone who knows the personnel. There’s no time for someone from outside to come in and work out which of the 21+ professionals he should be playing



I mean I’ve said it over and over, I don’t think these players are good enough. People can moan about changes, he’s making the changes people are asking for. Kinsella In, Devlin Out, Leahy out the weekend and back in again tonight.

But nothing is working. He could tell them a week in advance it wouldn’t make a ■■■■■■■ difference they aren’t good enough.

And he signed most of them so he carries the can.


Sack him. Don’t sack him. It doesn’t make any difference.

We’re going down. And if we don’t go down we will be in this exact same position in twelve months time. This club is rudderless.


Won’t be sacked until the early birds

Bonser needs the publicity to sell the early birds and collect his rent

Bonser out


Think it’s a hopeless case now, there’s no way that we can avoid relegation. However Keates has shown that he is completely inept at management. He should go on that basis alone. Anybody would be preferable as they would do less damage. Need someone who can help us to prepare for League Two and try to retain some of the few talented players that we do have and get rid of the dross.


Wouldn’t say DK is inept at management, he was on course to get Wrexham in play offs of national league and so promoted so similar season to what Sam Ricketts had and he’s managing in this league now.

However at this level he has been well and truly found out last 3 months. Shame but a step too far at this relatively early stage of his managerial career. This is a time where he needs to be let go for his own good and future career.


sadly (because I so much wanted it like most for it to work under deano) he is out of his depth can not organise or galvanise a team and get them playing football. We need an experienced boss even if it’s just till the end of the season to keep us up. The club as a whole is stagnating but dean has not been given just loose change . Should have brought 2 or 3 experienced league 1 performers instead of overloading the squad with tripe.


It has become evident that he has tried to play our way out of a poor run of form with a non-league style of football (hoofball). We were not playing like this in the first 10-15 games. We were playing a good style of counter attacking football and often defending like demons.

The season and our performances have regressed at an alarming rate just recently. I was genuinely shocked at last night’s performance.
I am not one to over react to a poor result, but it was the worst performance I can remember for along time. It was desperate stuff. No shape, no football, just relying on hoofing it up to Cook.

I hate to say it , but Keates demonstrated beyond any doubt last night that he isn’t ready to manage at this level. The lack of organisation was frightening. We were all over the place and clueless when we had the ball.


All this talk of Ward taking over from Deano reminds me of Kevan Broadhurst taking over and that didn’t end well if i can remember?


I dont think we’ll sack him. I cant see any other manager coming in and doing anything different. People saying to get Paul Hurst, absolutely no chance he’d come here.

How i see it is, if Blackpool get deducted 12 points then they make up a bottom 8. I cant see Wimbledon catching up, so that leaves three spots, Bradford have still got to play four or five of the Top Six and arent in great form themselves, so that could be two spots left. Shrewsbury have won once in the league since November and since Ricketts went there. And then theres Gillingham who have just lost Zakuani for the season due to injury leaving thrm with one centre half.

The games weve got left against teams around us from now until the end of the season are massive. Bradford, Oxford and Shrewsbury especially.

Its going to go right down to the wire :grimacing:


Lets face it fighting relegation is the only excitement we get now as saddlers fans :laughing:


Blackpool will be fine, they drew up at Sunderland the other night and are a tough team to beat. FL won’t actually do any deduction until March 8th so they could easily have another 10 points on the board by then.

The problem for me is there is simply no spark. Never mind 4 wins and 3 draws to get to 50 points it’s a struggle to see 4 goals in next 10 games atm.

Just winning one game feels like a massive uphill struggle with what they’re showing on the pitch.

Eventually one of the teams below will pick up and have a good last 10 games of the season, we see it every season. Bradford actually had a really good run after the 4-0 in December so they are capable. I agree Sloppies and especially Gillingham (considering they actually did lose 3-0 at home to this Walsall are poor teams) and will probably join Wimbledon in bottom 4.

Big problem for me is any team with serious ambitions to get out normally starts being tough to beat at home. Walsall have won ONE home game since the start of November. Currently it’s a run of 6 home defeats from last 9 and losing all the relegation six pointers. Little sign of that ending anytime soon with Tuesday’s performance.


How very true , and how sad is that !


:joy::joy::joy: I was looking at the away fixtures yesterday weighing up which ones going to be the biggy.

All for the wrong reasons mind.


We’re down


I get the distinct feeling that Carl Darlington is the power behind the throne at Wrexham


Why the hell dont that money grabbing git understand that we dont want him he should go asap and let someone come in who cares about walsall fc