Keeping it classy - unlike Wrexham & Tranmere

I’ve seen nothing but positive & supportive comments on social media regarding Ozzy leaving and making a step up - a real refreshing change.

There’s always the odd one of course, but generally I’ve been surprised by the positivity unlike the bollocks coming from non-league Wrexham and formely non-league Tranmere over Keates & Cooke :joy:


Tranmere fans calling Cook a judas. Absolute state of the rat eaters :joy:

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I think we’ve been resigned to losing Ozzy for a bit so it isn’t too bitter a pill to swallow.

I think he was a bit of an anomaly with the way Keates is looking to set the side up too so our chances of seeing him in our colours again were remote.

Our expectations suitably checked, unlike the Cheshire twins (nearly - and neither would like to think of themselves as Cheshire) ) who seem to dislike us intensely. Never mind eh.

I think the ‘fans’ calling him judas are in the minority, and abit thick.

The majority of us will always recognise what Cook did for us, as he came to score the goals to get us promoted and certainly did that.

I’m pretty sure Walsall have a small number of supporters who react daftly to this kind of situation when a player moves on, as does every club.

Andy Cook is a hero to us, not a judas.


We’ve got a small number of supporters calling Erhun Oztumer a judas for leaving us.

Two seasons, 30+ goals, almost single handed kept us up, seen out his 2 year contract without any attempt to try and engineer a move. Now he’s got the chance to play in The Championship and probably triple (or more) his salary and he is a money grabbing ****? Unbelievable!


That’s saddlers fans for ya :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, shocking isn’t it.Short memories.

Andy Cook has probably doubled, or many increased his salary by 30-40 percent moving to L1.Hes 27, isn’t local to us, doesn’t support Tranmere, and can do what he likes with his career.

I actually didn’t realise Oztumer had left you? Whos he joined? I always watched (with jealously) the L1-2 highlights last few years and he looked some player.


looks like he is joining Bolton

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I think there’s always a little disappointment to lose your best players and sometimes it overflows into a few nasty comments. It was a privilege to watch Ozzy over the last two seasons, he has produced some fantastic football and he has been a good servant to the club but we have also been good for his career - he was going nowhere at Peterborough. However, I have no interest in what club he now joins: Bolton, Rovrum, Blackburn, the Blades or Real Madrid- he’s gone now and we all move on.

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Ozzy has been superb for our club, and he is a fantastic talent, BUT we are going to be playing a more conventional 4-4-2 next season and he just wouldn’t fit into it, so i think it is better all round that the lad moves on, and to be honest he will triple his wages so i feel proud that we as a club have given him that platform :smile:

I haven’t seen much negativity towards Ozz at all, even on the cringeworthy ‘Walsall fans have your say’ :joy: I’ve left that group countless times, no idea why I re-join…

We’ve obviously got a decent Tranmere fan on here but honestly, the amount of rubbish both on Facebook and their forum was shocking, although the Taffs were far worse.

Like a lot said at the time, it was a strangely nice and very unusual feeling for us to be the raiders and not the raided.


Every team has fans that slate leaving players. Meh.

Good luck to Ozzie, I thought he was superb and deserves a chance in the Championship. These are people’s careers at the end of the day, you can’t fault him for taking a chance.

Re. leaving and rejoining the FB group… it’s akin to your carriageway on the motorway slowing down to a crawl, where there’s been an accident going the other way. It’s horrible, but you can’t help having a good gander.


I don’t blame any player for leaving WFC , the wages and contracts we offer will always mean we are a stepping stone to greater things.


Based on how some fans on here reacted to players like Etheridge, Forde, Sawyers etc… moving on I’d say it’s just a symptom of football fans nation wide.

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