Kemar Roofe


Just watched the highlights of Leeds vs Derby and was impressed by Kemar Roofe who scored two good goals. I didn’t realise he comes from Walsall. One that got away?


Sure he played in Albion 2nd string or their youth with sawyers and mantom.


Yes indeed, a product of the WBA academy. Hails from our catchment area, and I was gutted when he went to Oxford on loan, would have loved him down at our place. Once he started playing regularly it was a matter of time before he was snapped up permanently on a 3yr contract. Oxford then trousered a cool £1million+ fee from Leeds.

Comparisons can rightly be drawn with Romaine Sawyers. Had we have signed Romaine on a 3yr deal, we might well have been collecting that sort of sum for him. I guess Bonzo was feeling delicate after the last 3yr deal he handed out was to Baxo, and that didn’t go quite as planned…


I reckon Sawyers must be worth 6-8 million by now.


Indeed. Imagine if it was us with the sell on…Oxford could benefit big time if Roofe moves from Leeds in January


Think he went to Chuckery school. All the best people do…


He still lives, or used to live, in Chuckery


Oatcake forum was raving about him yesterday although he was called Jermaine Sawyers originally!


Roofe went to Joseph Leckie School, just down the road from Bescot Stadium, after he left Chuckery - definitely one that got away!


My mate who went to school with him who lives in chuckery always tells me the story’s of when they was kids they always used to try and kick balls on the flat roofs and roofe was the only one that ever got close!


Pun intended :slight_smile:


To think some of our idiotic fanbase thought he was lazy.


Kemar Roofe? sounds like the name of some Kampuchean communist party :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: