Kents out, Martian in parhapps.?

If Bonsoir was too sakc Kents soon , i thinck that Martian conner would gEt the jo.b.

Is that what you would thinck of to.?


WFHYS strikes again.

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mABeE THat S bOnZSES THiNciN owe NOows

EFFin .WiNd ap

Bontar sill up.

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Yes it is

Id rother had Rusel Martian can organize defense

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oH No e cArnT .,

Oh yes he Kents.

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Kents out, marzipan in just to upset @derbysaddler

Marzipan? FUMMIN BABS!

WhatS Alien CuRBishly diong this daze.

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Kents oot sill up Bontar Martian and sheaspeace in.

is alien still fullum coching? ive rother had moorinhos

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Clozing. This. Syte. Doon.


d…Ont beE SutcH a KiljOy YA miRrabLe tHat

WellAre, the Space-Shawl won

Boyl ya 'ed.

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ThE lOoneY Ticks haF take EN oofer the aSs I’ll em.

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i dOwnt. fiNk ur vAry .Fany , Cawl urSellf A moduLATor , U sHud NO bUtta

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