Kev ruby astin railway club pre Swindon game

The Independent saddlers supporters association

Reference Swindon. Sat

As we. See the season out on Saturday. We have arranged for Walsall, fan Kev ruby Astin. To entertain you Saturday afternoon prior to. The final home game of the season

Kev will be known to many saddlers. So please pop into the railway to support him. As he performs his Brit pop act.

Kev will be taking to the stage from 1 pm till 2 15.

We will also be joined on the day by some saddler greats with Brian caswell. And Stan Bennett. Scheduled to attend and hopefully others. Will also be present

As. Another season draws to an end. All. involved with the
independent saddlers supporters association. Would take this opportunity to thank. Each and everyone of you for your continued support of. The organisation

Wether you have supported. Via attending the railway club. Pre game or. Via travelling on the away day coaches , or purchased from our online store ,or attended. Any of the many events we have put on Again a massive thank you to you all

It’s entirely. Down to you guys. The loyal fanbase of Walsall fc. Why Issa is the huge success it is, and we. Have even bigger and better plans. In place for next year With you the fans at the forefront of everything we do

So please. If. Availible on sat come along to the railway club and let’s see the season out. With a knees up. To kevs. Set. And if you have not seen his act before you are in for a treat

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Hope this went well. I’ll try to do the Railway before a game next season.

I don’t know if he or the club would be up for this but I think it would be ace if a local musician or group could do a cover of Yellow Ribbon to play pre kick off. The original is doing a decent job to be fair - the first time I can remember the fans audibly engaging with a pre match song. Think it would be even better if the terrace version were played.

If made available to download, I reckon it would get a few hits too.

Just a thought.


My first visit - really enjoyed it. Next time I’ll make sure I get a cheese cob before they sell out.

He closed out with Take me Home Wednesbury Road on Saturday.
He was very good, even though he didn’t perform any Rotting Christ covers :smile:


That sounds quite a progressive, forward thinking idea that would possibly prove popular with supporters.
So I’m guessing it’s a no, then. :roll_eyes:


Like this…alot.

Something exactly like this?…

I just cant see that our media department would have the skill or motivation to put together anything as good as this. Very good suggestion from PT!

If history has taught us anything, it’s that football records are the cheesiest and crappest songs on the face of the earth, I still cringe thinking about John Barnes’s rap.

Not sure. Three Lions was pretty good imo.

I Spose it was when you’d had 7-8 pints in a pub with everyone singing it.

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Coming up to the ‘sixty years of hurt’ re-release…