Kevin Wilson Podcast

Hi all,

Our interview with Kevin Wilson is now live! Kevin speaks about his successful spell with the Saddlers, Chris Nicholl and how he was ahead of his time, his partnership with ‘Killer’ Lightbourne, as well as revealing two bombshells about his attempts to return to the club…

Wilson also discusses his former team-mates, his role now as a football agent, his early years and his times at Chelsea and Northern Ireland.

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We hope you enjoy this bumper episode


Really looking forward to listening to this later.

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I think you will enjoy this one! A great trip down memory lane, and what a career he had too!

He must be a dream to interview, ask a question and sit back.
He was very open and honest.
A great podcast boys :+1:


Enjoyed that guys thanks loved him and Killer


Glad you have enjoyed it! He was a great guest to get on

Brilliant pod guys one of, if not the best yet for me.
Great player for us and had one of the best forward pairings with killer our club has ever had in my time, and obviously a great guy to interview.
Came across as good as his football was.

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Great that was! What a player he was, and very positive about Paul Taylor, we knew he dug up some gems, but when he was actively involved in the club there was alot of cynics about ‘sun tan man’. Part of me felt disappointed KW didnt get the chance to become our manager when he was talking but then we’d never have had the Sir Ray Graydon era I would imagine!

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Awesome Podcast this week guys.

No Jan Sorensen

No Boli No Peron No Old Trafford

Then No Graydon

Maybe deserved a shout but It happened for a reason

Crazy how we had a structure to sucseed back then and have gone backwards ! Nice one Leigh STEFF and Co !

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Very true. I do wonder how he would have fared in the DoF role considering he worked under, and seemed to have a lot of respect for Paul Taylor.

One of those ‘what if’ moments