Khan off

Looks like Khan is off to Leyton Orient.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that we simply can’t compete in this division.

Whether you liked Khan or not, he clearly had ability above most of our squad and we don’t have the resources to keep him. That’s how far off being a top 10 side in league 2 we are.

Personally I thought he was an average player with a few decent attributes, better than what we’d got, but not amazing. He did more for us in 3 months than Osadebe has in 18 months.


On Jan transfer thread

Didn’t want to be here, we were just somewhere to bide his time until this month so bollocks to him.


Seriously what a waste of f***ing time :joy: got him fit (after sitting him on the bench instead of giving him game time for weeks), got a start out of him where he rips it up and actually looks like he can put a ball in, let him go to another team in the same division.

F***ing joke.



But if we can only attract that standard of player by effectively being a 3 month training stint for him, it doesn’t bode well.

By giving him a short deal, getting him fit and putting him in the shop window, we’ve actually helped out Leyton Orient.

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Taylor ill - leaves next week
Khan ill- leaves next week
Monthe Ill- banned next week

Clubs a bunch of wa****s

Trying to pull the wool over supporters eyes again and again

So close to just saying flip them and supporting someone else now

Club is an absolute joke


Monthe ill, banned next week.

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You could always go support Luton or Northampton :thinking:

Don’t forget Bournemouth! How appealing it all looks now eh …

Yes, could not remember the 3rd team

Wasn’t the second team Rotherham also!

Luton, Bournemouth, Rotherham.


Ironically all 3 of those have had owner troubles and or ground troubles, but are all in far stronger positions now because ties with the previous regimes have been severed and/or they’ve rebuilt their ground/moved to a new ground (or are planning to in the case of Luton).

There’s only one club that is still using the same antiquated business model, and with the same financial constraints as was the case when Bonser made those comments, and that’s us


Unfortunately, it’s still effectively Bonser imposing the financial constraints.


Not with the “top” teams. Under Pomlett’s ownership, with the resources he has available, we are not a top 10 side anymore. We are hoping for a Dean Smith-type appointment to be able to get near the play offs. It remains to be seen whether that is MT. But, in the meantime, we are a mid to lower league 4th division team.


Might want to message Leigh with that. Seem to recall him telling us we have a top 10 budget, then budget isn’t a constraint on league position if spent correctly through to telling us recently we should be around 6 points better off and pushing for a play off place. He must have his beer goggles on :smiley:

How would he know though? You’d be hard pressed to find out what our playing budget is from the accounts, so why would anywhere else be different? I think that is one of those silly remarks, which he ought to regret and reflect upon, because they just provide ammunition against him.

You’re going completely against what the club have been telling us though?

‘Having a right go’, ‘top ten budget’ blah blah blah. It’s clearly all just a load of rubbish. I don’t think as Walsall fans we should just accept being a lower half league two football team. That’s never been the case in the time I’ve supported Walsall, why should it be acceptable now? It’s systematic failure plain and simple.


If Leigh is as big of a fan as he says he is and he knows financially he can’t compete wouldn’t the best thing to do be to get this investment now not when in league one because there’s not much difference really to me anyway.

I am Tom. I think Leigh is a genuine fan and he would like nothing more than for us to be competitive and “giving it a go”. Sadly, I think the world of football has moved on and an under-resourced club just won’t be competitive on a regular basis, even at this level.

As I said above, how would he know we are a top 10 budget? I look at our annual accounts, and I have no real idea what our actual playing budget is, because it’s lost within the figures. The same must be true for most clubs. I think he’s making one of those bold statements which he should learn not to do and which come back to bite him.

As a fan, none of us should ever “accept” lower half of league two. The reason why we are there now is part Bonser and his strangehold on our finances, and part the change in football as teams like Forest Green, Salford, Vale etc come along with owners who have deeper pockets. As others have pointed out, we’ve been headed this way since the Dean Smith times (perhaps earlier) when only the “lucky” appointment of a “miracle” manager delayed the inevitable.

In the end, I’m not happy about it, you’re not happy about it, no fan should be. But we are where we are and only more funding is truthfully going to change things substantially. But we’re a million miles away from that because of Bonser and the freehold.