Kieran Phillips recalled from loan

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Fine with that. Absolutely bang average even in a depleted squad.


No real loss their hopefully can get a better replacement in to strengthen the midfield

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As long as he is replaced no issue was poor anyway.

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Not worried. Fullerton has a plan B, C, D etc for every transfer possibility.


Walsall obviously knew he was going back so I guess that freed up the loan fee to sign Reece from Man Utd or at least freed up salary.


We already had the loan space.


A bit of a surprise that. We now need 2 forwards before the deadline .

The club and Fullarton are a joke.

I make that 3 forward players needed.

To replace Khan

To replace Phillips

To replace Holden who they had banked on coming back in December.

Utter farce.


Is it? Huddersfield probably don’t want him sat on a bench and we don’t want to have somebody bang average (hopefully).

Can you honestly see that happening?
I’d be amazed if we did. Maybe we’re looking to play kinsella out there!!

Crazy isn’t it!
Maybe we’re going to do some sort of supermarket sweep style challenge and trolley dash around the aisles last minute picking up whatever we can off the shelves!:man_facepalming:

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No but thats what we need.Perhaps if we had played Phillips a striker he might still be here.

Please don’t start…:man_facepalming::joy:


I would even argue we actually need 4 forward players - 2 wide forwards/ or who can play as a 10, and 2 centre forwards.

It’s farcical.

What happens if Miller gets injured, is knackered or is not scoring?

With Miller, at least one of those is or has been happening already!

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Imagine he was recalled!


We did, remember.

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I actually sort of want him to - to expose even further how appalling this squad Building is.

I thought the whole point of having Fullarton was so that we weren’t scratching around for multiple players 3 days before the transfer deadline ?