Kiernan Returns

To stay for the rest of the season or sell?

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I wouldn’t be suprised if he stays now.

now that’s one that surprises me, I thought maybe it’s just a body in the door for Leicester game but then looked it up and he played so is cup tied.

With the fact we don’t play wingers i’d be surprised if he stays

Shame for him - if he misses out on Grimsby’s FA Cup game against Luton. He’s cup tied so won’t be able to feature against Leicester.

Can’t say I’ve missed him. Knowles is a similar player with similar output but much more potential. Sell if possible.


Another salary to pay :frowning_face:

Need to get him and Perry out on loan.

Although gives us an option off the bench to go 4-4-2. in truth I can see him gone by the end of the window

I believe Grimsby want to keep him. Are we demanding a fee?
Is this our attempt at bringing in some extra money for the Johnson deal?

No if you read Grimsby release statement it was there choice to let him go to freshen up the squad with another loan. Not sure if the offered to buy him tbh

Give him to mansfield as part of the deal for DJ may help lol

1 goal and no assists for Grimsby so I’m assuming they aren’t going to put a bid in to have him back?

But that’s in their team with their other players and formation, he did better for us last season and might do even better in our side as it is playing now?

Didn’t he score twice in the cup v Plymouth

My mistake, was looking at just his L2 stats. He’s actually scored 4 goals for them in total. He’d be our top scorer now DJ has gone. :astonished:

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I liked Kiernan. Good squad player for a promotion chasing side at this level.


Is this a sign that we have no incomings lined up.

Not sure Grimsby mgr said he was staying earlier in the window, then appears to have had a rethink (or just lied) so wouldn’t be suprised if we are in fact a bit shocked to see him return
MF said we were close to two incoming last Friday

Finances aside, useful player to have about

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Definitely provides some cover for 1 or 2 positions if we need it through injury or suspensions but could also block a signing coming in.

I thought he had done quite well for Grimsby and was featuring quite regularly for them, so was expecting them to extend his loan for the rest of the season if not buy him on the cheap.

Maybe we will sell him or send him out on loan somewhere else then.

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Maybe we asked Grimsby for more than they’re willing to pay for his permanent transfer and we’re in a reverse DJ situation? :thinking:

Can’t see anyone paying a fee for him !!!
Be lucky if we can get him back out on loan to free up wages tbf.