Kiernan Returns

Being a bit Sherlock Holmes …

The pic that accompanies the story about Riley restarting training today shows him and others at Essington dressed up warm and wearing gloves with remnants of snow about, but the one of Kiernan is of him in a short sleeved top and shorts with no snow - and therefore probably wasn’t taken at the same training session (elementary!)

Does that mean he wasn’t there/not rejoined the squad after being sent back and so maybe still not in MF’s plans - or is it just our media team being lazy and using a stock photo?

Probably the latter knowing us … :joy:


A player I had totally forgotten about tbh. Grimsby didn’t want to keep him, so we either send him out on loan, find him another club or include him in the squad, I get the feeling he doesn’t meet MF’s standards and I can’t see him playing here.

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Nice bloke but bang average player, would advise to get rid and use wages elsewhere.

I’d keep him as a squad player tbh.
Works very hard , a kinsella but on the wing
Would be ok at wing back


You have to question where he fits into this system.

He was sent on loan because we don’t play with traditional wingers.I think if MF felt he could play the role required we would not have signed Wilmott. My guess is that he will get another loan opportunity. By the way he is a good bloke and as a winger can do a job in this League.

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An honest player and does well within the community but I do struggle to see where he fits in with us. The majority of Grimsby fans rated what he had done for them.

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A team player, always tries his best and a good bloke. He is limited but a good squad player and if he stays will make a contribution during the fixture congestion we will have in Feb and March.

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I’m not sure where he would fit in, to be honest.

As far as I can remember Flynn never even tried him at wing back last season and tried him out as a make shift striker the few times he did get some game time.

Nothing against the bloke, honest player who gives his all and we have had much worse, but I’ll be surprised if we aren’t trying to offload him.

I always thought he could be a decent wing back. Obviously his position is further forward but when playing for us he did his best work defensively


Didn’t Flynn play him as wing back in a few games last season?

I wouldn’t be against him staying. It’s going to be a very congested schedule very soon so will be more injuries and suspensions, he can play a few positions and is actually a goal threat (6 last season which isn’t a terrible return for wide player) and sure he’ll immediately sense the difference in spirit compared to this time last year.

He’s limited in some respects but I’ve seen much worse playing for this club. Grimsby were pretty happy with him I think so I think he has been recalled with a view to playing a part from the bench from next Tuesday.

Sell. He doesn’t fit into Flynn’s system to it’s a wage we need to get off the budget.

not sure anyone would pay money for him.

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By all accounts, a top notch bloke. From a football point of view, he’s been part of a struggling Walsall side of recent past and we’ve moved on. I think it’s in everyone’s interests that Brendan does too.

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Wasn’t Brendan doing excellent work in the community with the club before he went out on loan? I have all the time in the world for players that do that and tbf it happens loads these days.


He’s as honest as the day is long, definitely deserves first team football which we cannot offer him so best for all parties we sort him another loan or permanent transfer. That said he’s a good character to have around the squad so there will be no complaint from any of our lot if he’s here for the remainder of this potentially incredibly exciting season.


I wouldn’t say we can’t offer him first team football, just that MF’s Plan A is 352 which doesn’t require out and out wingers. That doesn’t mean to say that we will only ever play 352 for 90 minutes every game.

BTW I always thought he did a decent job of helping out his fullback whenever we were playing a formation with wingers last season, but anyway that isn’t the only string to his bow (at Grimsby he was apparently played in a variety of positions) so it’s more a question of “is he as good as or better than the other options on the bench( e.g. Taylor Allen)?”

Yep, he is an ambassador at Kaleidoscope Plus Group and does work with young footballers around mental health. Think this will be his career once football is done. Engaged with Brendan on a number of occasion in my role as Chair of KPG and he is an absolute pleasure to deal with, one of life’s good guys :+1:t2: