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Kieron Morris’ Mother has her say


So she posted them to the clubs Facebook? I assume they didn’t publish them themselves as private messages?


Show as a comment on the match report share, as soon as you post it’s there for everyone to see


So like I say, they didn’t publish it themselves. Still failing to see, other than delete it, which they have, what the club could do about this.


I’m a bit lost, who’s blaming the club for it?


She posted it on the match report post on the Official Walsall FC Facebook page. It was top comment as it was getting loads of responses. Must have been up there for a couple of hours before the club realised and deleted it.

But in the meantime it’s been screen shotted and posted to other Facebook groups like Vital Walsall and WFHYS as well as loads of Twitter posts.


Club couldn’t do anything about it, I wouldn’t expect someone to be reviewing every post made. It’d have been highlighted to the club and they actioned and deleted or one of Kieron’s mates messaged him to say look what your mom’s done then he’s got onto her to delete it maybe


I can understand emotions, but reality check is something, that every footy player needs. If not, stagnation happens. He stopped progressing, since Smith’s years. So it’s hard to blame gaffer, that he is not playing that much.


I mean, further up this thread:

RyHughes’ reaction to this is that something has seriously gone wrong with our football club.

PT sees fit to downgrade the club from amateur to under 10s because of this.

SaddlerSteve seems upset the club aren’t surfing Facebook on a Saturday evening on the look out for reactionary moms.

Not to mention all the people on twitter calling us tin pot.


Not much more they could do.


Who said I was upset? :roll_eyes:


As someone on Twitter rightly said, we wouldn’t even be discussing how ■■■■ Morris was if his mom didn’t pipe up. Madness.


Well Mrs Morris, you should’ve woke sweet little Kieron up before he went on the pitch today as I think he was still a bit sleepy. Or was it just he was crap?


Could be fake news, maybe someone in GU doing a bit of stirring… 2 russians visiting Salisbury cathedral in march moaning about a few inches of snow sounds more plausible

If it isn’t fake news then how can the poor sod walk into the changing room on Monday morning without the urine being ripped out him unless he wants away this window. There are vacancies at the Pizza place near the Art Gallery, maybe that would be more suitable


He’s had enough chances with four different managers and always flattered to deceive. I don’t doubt his ability but do doubt his mental aptitude. The difference between good and not so good in professional football can be that extra 1% from being fully switched on all game. Unfortunately, he lacks it and has shown no sign of getting it.


Her son can ■■■■ off.


I said “seems”. I apologise if that’s not the case.


Just wait til Mrs Leahy gets her password…


Watch out for Ma Guthrie too, she will be waiting outside Dean’s office door early on Monday morning wielding a rolling pin


Heard Devlins mother is on her way down from the highlands to confront Deano about playing her son so often! Should be ok, as he won’t understand a word she says !!!


Just wait until Mussa’s mom confronts Dean about not putting him in the squad today.