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Kieron Morris’ Mother has her say


Typical piece of Excuse and Star reporting! Did anyone expect anything else other than player apologises, manager accepts, both have a laugh, mates again, come round my house for tea, moms baked a cake! I still believe in Santa as well!!


Why is it so hard to believe that Morris apologised and that Keates doesn’t hold him accountable for his moms actions?

I mean, it’s not like either party could do anything to stop her posting something on Facebook. I don’t expect him to be starting any time soon still but the best thing he could do is apologise. Or he’s sitting in the reserves for the rest of the year and then released with no buzz whatsoever.


Have I missed something here?
Kieron Morris has given 10 years’ service to the club.
He is entlted to a free transfer.


Morris’ mom just had a few too many pink gins.


Be honest,who can say,hand on heart, that their mom wouldn’t have done the same thing for her son…mine would…I hope…I do feel sorry for Morris…but that’s what moms are for…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:…Love you mom x.


Yea sounds like you missed the Bosman ruling




I agree, any mother worth her salt would defend her child, also I think there are far worse players than Kieron at the club. She spoke out in a moment of frustration at the way he has been treated and if her version of events are to be believed it sounds like Keates could have handled it better.


E&S Walsall journalists seem to have the easiest job in ‘journalism’ going - in fact, I wouldn’t even class it as proper journalism. Masi basically just types up what DK or any player says to him. Also writes a match report once a week. There aren’t any investigative pieces, hard hitting pieces or analysis, just toes the party line.


The fact he interacts on Twitter means he is well aware of the fans worries, however he never pulls on the club for answers.

Poor journalism


What would you have him do? I guarantee it gets him banned.


Could he? I’m fine with the game time Morris has had this season.


That doesn’t really justify it though does it. That’s just the club been arse holes.


I completely agree.

But it does mean Masi has two choices, be careful what he says and reports, or lose all access all together. I don’t really blame him or call it poor journalism.


Yep get your point , but tbf the things he prints in the E&S you could easily gain most of that information off social media alone.

Rarely does he report any breaking news etc.


That’s true. I find the podcast much more opinion and insight based than anything he posts or reports. It’s much more informal. To be honest i don’t even read the reports for that reason. i can make up my own mind on what I’ve just watched. Same with his twitter feed.

And again, to be fair, if he were to report speculation that changed for whatever reason and didn’t happen he’d get ripped apart. But I get the feeling the club are very selective with what they feed him anyway. They have accused the E & S of costing them transfer targets in the past because they reported that Walsall were looking at somebody.


Joe Masi would make a perfect board member for Bonser, doesn’t ask awkward questions and would say yes to everything!


He could even take the minutes as that is literally his role as Walsall correspondent. Not knocking Masi per se, he seems an amiable chap but my friends who are journalists or who are training to be journalists atm would not be content with transcribing press conferences


That’s fair enough not being content with transcribing press conferences, but if you have a job and mortgage to pay you stay within the confines of your role to keep the money coming in. If Joe did anything that got his access banned from the club he can wave goodbye to his monthly wage. I know in the same situation I would get my head down and do what my employers asked so I can keep getting paid. They guy is between a rock and a hard place really however he does put his opinion across in the Pods they do.


Yeah, nothing to see here, move along, move along.

So this E&S ink and pixel waster was published at 6am this morning.

Plenty of time then for ribbing from teammates and a manager to have witnessed it.

“We all had a right imaginary laugh about it. We don’t need to talk about the disclosure Kieron was advised to move on last summer, but didn’t, nah, surely you’re more interested in how we all had a great laugh about it and how we all moved on immediately, together, over a Nando’s after our imaginary training session that incidentally fixed all our defensive woes.”