Kins the next departure?

A tiny bit troubled by this possible stab in the dark article about Kins.

Seems his contract expiring in June is correct, and there’s no mention of an option when he last signed an extension. Though the club does suggest his stay will be at least till summer 2019, so maybe there is one hidden in there.

His improvement this term has been obvious, he’s very much become Chambers 2.0 and it would be a great shame to see him leave just for the under 24 compensation/pittance.

really hope we can get him tied down or at least have an extra year option in his current contract

feel he will go on to be an important player for us over the next few years if he stays


Though he couldn’t have been described as ‘deadwood’, I did wonder if Keates would have released him in the summer was it not for the contract extension Whitney gave him.

Either way he’s been a star turn this season and deserves a 2 year deal, pronto.


He’s always been a quality player for me. Shoe horned into the right back position by SMITHOUT he always looked capable of more even though his natural position is midfield.

We need to keep him, natural replacement for chambers.

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Presumably this is just idle speculation by a click bait website. Scores the winner in the FA Cup - let’s link him with some unnamed championship teams. Perhaps Nick Mashiter now works there

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Still even now? What a clueless muppet you really are haha

Don’t feed him. The kid came through the youth system as a right back. He wasn’t shoe horned anywhere.

Got to be honest I was fine with him not getting a contract. Never impressed at right back or centre mid so wasn’t bothered at the time.

He’s been outstanding this year and I hope it’s not too late. Keates has worked wonders with him.


For me it’s vital we get him tied down as soon as we can. We’d then have a midfield two of Dobson and Kinsella to build the rest of the team around. Keeping a settled squad is key if you want to progress in this division, especially through the spine of the team

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If he is promising to be anywhere near as good as his dad was, get him on a 2 year deal asap! (I hesitate from saying the Baxendalesque 3 year award!)

3 year deal all day for me .versatile as well which is always good. Kinsella is a winner like his dad was .SIGN HIM UP NOW !!! Before the vultures circle!!!

Don’t worry uncle Jeff is on the case, I’ve heard he’s negotiating a season long " meal deal" from McDonalds and has wrapped a nice pair of festive slippers that has a fluffy snowball attached to the front, so Liam can practice his ball control, that should make Liam realise how much he is valued at the club and no doubt he will be eager to sign on the dotted line. We should all rejoice in this gesture from uncle Jeff after all " ''tis the season of goodwill to all men"


My mistake, it must be his twin brother Liamette.

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I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here.

Liam Kinsella is better than George Dobson.

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I would agree
A midfield pairing of Edwards and Kinsella?

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Been saying for a while that the best elements of Dobson’s game are brought out when Kinsella is in the team.
Similarly, I think the worst elements of Osbourne’s game are less evident when Kinsella is in the team.

So for me, he’s definitely the first midfielder on the team sheet at the moment.


They do different things though.

Ok Kinsella scores a decent goal the other day but Dobson offers you much more going forward. Particularly creatively. Dobsons passing range is much better than Kinsellas too. While I think Kinsella is better defensively. His blocks in particular are outstanding.

As for Osbourne looking a better player with Kinsella in the team, that’s because Kins does all his running for him. Osbourne can stand there and be a league one Pogba all game. I really think he’s been poor since his return.


I think Kinsella has been one of the best performers in the past 5 games. I thought he was gonna be massive the year after the nearly promotion season but for whatever reason it never happened.

It was amazing seeing us press and be such a hard working unit for the full 90 minutes. I genuinely thought our level of intensity and lack of subs was going to be too much for us come the last 10 minutes.

Kinsella has a better passing range too. You’ll see eventually. It’s starting to show now he has a run of games under his belt.

Don’t get me wrong, Dobson is decent, but he is so over-hyped just because of the goal vs. Northampton, and his lack of pace isn’t ideal.