One guy in the kiosk looked like he was catching flies his mouth was open and he was dribbling. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took him from a home just to avoid paying their staff to work so they should invest in people who know what they are doing. I suppose these kids are on minimum wage and don’t care enough to pick up the slack of awful management


Hotdog’s with mustard , ketchup and dribble …how the hell do they sell out :hamburger: :face_vomiting:


No wonder the hot drinks are always tepid…


always run out.ridiculous they know how many fans are coming saw cov fans moaning about it as well.


…where in our end :roll_eyes:


I visited the kiosk yesterday and my burger was pink. They thought that this was ok to serve so I asked to speak to the manager who was i found the little one with the vulgar language from the other day and I could not understand a word she said. So if this is what they think makes a good manager you can see why the staff act the way they do. I mean the manager was half baked so why should they employ staff any better. I dread to think where they find them from.


Just like the food!


Ye but they also thought Whitney was a good manager :roll_eyes: