L 0-1 vs Barnsley - Behind closed doors match

Flynn out


“Walsall had opportunities of their own, with their forward squandering a gilt-edged opening midway through the half as he lashed well wide of Jamie Searle’s goal.”


If he only scores behind closed doors he’s no good to anyone.

At least 5 on trial for us.

Sounds familiar.

First 30: Evans, Bennett, White, Monthe, Allen, Kinsella, Comley, Maher, Hutchinson, Trialist, Taylor-James
Second 30: Evans (Przybek 45’), Riley, Daniels, Trialist, Menayese, Trialist, Perry, Trialist, Trialist, Kiernan, Trialist
Third 30: Przybek, Foulkes, Clarke, Menayese, Sawyers, Trialist, Trialist, Shaw, Trialist, Trialist, Williams

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At least 5 trialists. Some way to go then in the transfer market by the looks of that.

Anyone missing other than Earing?

Gordon by the looks of it

Walsall nil, :smirk:

Hopefully not a running trait

But we weren’t signing anyone else according to you

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Looking at the line-ups and guessing the formation was Flynn’s 3-5-2/5-3-2:
1st 30 mins: Forward Trialist
2nd 30 mins: Midfield (x2 - maybe one attacking), and forward (maybe same one as above) trialists
3rd 30 mins: Fullback, midfielder (x3 - maybe one attacking), and forward trialists

So reads we’re after a fullback, midfielder and striker… Maybe someone in midfield is on their way out? Not sure why we’d still be looking at that position apart from maybe a CAM :thinking:

Looks like Barnsley scored whenever we were changing keeper.

Unless we head into another lockdown :rofl:

Don’t say things like that David :laughing:last thing we all want is that to make a reappearance.

After reading the write up it doesn’t half sound familiar to a few games last season.The words plenty of missed opportunities isn’t something I want to hear too much of this season.I seem to remember us missing quite a few chances last season and it biting us in the arse.Granted it’s a training game but we need a finisher who scores when the chance arrives sounds like Williams missed a few here’s hoping it’s ring rust.

Lump on 4-2

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He didn’t score in a pre season game in which he played for 30 mins against a team from the league above. Just take a deep breath.
I’tl be alright in the end. It’s not the end just yet. In fact we haven’t even started!

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