L 1-0 vs Carlisle United (A) - League Two - Sat 27th Nov, 3pm

I remember going to a match at Carlisle in either 1981 or 1982 when Peter Beardsley broke into the box and with one exquisite shimmy sent Ron Green (I think) diving completely the wrong way as he went the other way and scored. His quality was evident then, although devastated, I had to admire what I had seen.

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Will it still be on given the weather forecast? Although the red warning is mainly on East coast, Cumbria will still be affected I imagine.

Can you watch it on I follow?

Speaking from the east coast where we are now supposedly in the "potential loss of life zone " as its gone 3 o clock, the sea state is’nt even rough, 3-5 foot swell which is piddling for a northerly, and there’s no chance of flooding tonight or even big waves when the tide builds from about 4pm onwards because there’s barely a tide to speak of, literally one of the smallest we’ll see all year with only a two meter rise from low to high. There’s a gusty strong wind developing which I would estimate at 20 with gusts of maybe 30 MPH, if that increases through the night as forecast we’ll get some 15-20 foot breakers by first light with a slightly bigger tide due which will be a fantastic sight, especially around the peers, really looking forward to it!

Now, local cam…


A nice set of apples and pears there too :wink:

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Really its a ramp? I was just responding to Cat’s weather warning link to say it doesn’t look as bad as forecast in the North East right now, the North East which is not a million miles away from Carlisle where its supposed to be better weather anyway (according to the forecast). But then I remembered you are basically just posting Bonnie and Clyde replys on any thread I post on for some reason. :wink: :wink: :wink:

You forgot the rugby club that is about 2 minutes walk from the away end. Always been very welcoming, away fan friendly, couple of real ales on, Sky TV, and a large car park (used to be free but I haven’t parked there myself for a little while as I usually manage to get a spot on the main road to avoid any traffic right outside the ground).

Anyone got a spare seat? I’m actually thinking of going last min :man_facepalming:

Obviously won’t be in the squad tomorrow but … Holden is on his way back!!! https://twitter.com/WFCOfficial/status/1464292871713046533?s=20

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I’m watching the storm from my bedroom window sod paying £10


If he can be anywhere near his standard before injury in that 10 role this will push our team up another gear!! So excited for this x

Great news, hope he can get back to his previous form and class

He has definitely been missed. Think it would have been 2 or 3 goals had he been in the team on Tuesday if he was back to pre-injury form

Good player who makes us a better side (in theory) but I’m going to wait and see what he looks like first before getting too excited. He’s been out an extremely long time and was a shining light in a very poor side. It will be interesting to see how he does coming back, in a side that has other shining lights.

Very true…and for me one of the parts of the current team that isn’t a shining light is Holden’s number 10 position.

If he can come back anywhere near his previous level it would an improvement on Osadebe’s general level IMO, and that’s even accounting for Osadebe’s improvement over the last few games.

I’d also hope that eventually when (if?) Holden gets fully fit, he could be even better than last season now playing with better forward players around him.


I watched the Making Macclesfield FC programme the other day, and they were pricing the team wages up, and the umber 10 was the best paid position, so it shows how important it is.
Got a bit more respect for Savage now though.

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Was it that late? I even had the feeling it could have been a year or two earlier? I well remember it though, what a classy player

Yes I remember that. If I recall correctly we had to travel to Carlisle twice within a couple or 3 weeks. An FA Cup game which we lost 3-0 and then a league game which we drew 1-1, At the second game there was probably less than 20 of us in the terrace. So I was one of the few who went to both.

Probably wishful thinking but if this injury had been plaguing Holden for years maybe he will come back even stronger when he is up to match fitness?

No offence, but you’re memory is definitely playing tricks.

The FA Cup game was before Christmas and the league game (1-1) was near the end of the season and was a rare oasis of point accumulation as we plummeted down the league. Walsall have never taken “less than 20” to an away game in my experience although the Swansea in the snow game might not have been far off along with others in the FL Trophy. A few weeks before that Carlisle game we took about 80-100 to Portsmouth just a year after taking a great following in a 20k crowd, and the Carlisle game you mention was broadly similar to the small Pompey attendance.

Surprisingly I know a lot who are going tommorow which isn’t usually the case with a trip this distance our away support has been fantastic this season.