L 2-0 vs Swindon Town (A) - League Two - Sat 16th Sept, 3pm

Are we better on the pitch?


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Will tell you at the end of the season and tbf it would seem that side of things is in the hands of Trivela now.

I have not answered your question. Your drawing your own conclusions. Im not getting drawn into nonsense. Its pathetic.

My points on this site are valid and come from a position of passion for this football
club and professional experience. I wont be drawn into tit-for-tat arguments where you can then try to devalue my contribution.

If you cant accept I am actually a pretty well respected contributor to this site, because you are incapable of accepting any criticism for this club with your strange Stockholm-like syndrome then so be it. But I aint going anwhere and will continually be around as a supporter. And I would never try to suggest anyone is any less of a supporter than anyone else that takes time out of their day to come on here and contribute. Whether its celebrating the wins or hoping for better from those in charge.


Whether your points are valid is a matter of opinion. I think some of them were valid but things have changed. As for not being around I think it was you who said you were not going to be around hence my question which you haven’t answered.
As for me I have been around a long time and have seen the game change unbelievably in a few short years. Clubs like Walsall unless they have a “sugar daddy” are finding it more and more difficult to compete at League level. To ignore that fact is like ignoring the fact the climate is changing. I actually think that with BB in charge we have a chance to compete higher up the pyramid but that will only come about by much hard work and by bringing through a good crop of young players. The Academy has been completely remoulded with that in mind and hopefully it will bear fruit in due course. In the meantime I am pleased to see some improvement on the pitch with this young and in some cases reasonably talented squad.


Really? What’s changed exactly? Apart from We now own the stadium but haven’t been told the timescale of said loan so it could be a never ending timeframe for all we know.

our squad is light and we have loans we could lose in jan, a rookie manager ( cheap option ) . Do you go to the games ? Because Salford first half, Swindon , morecambe wasn’t exactly improvements was it?depressing , negative , crap football. We’re playing centre defenders in midfield , left wing back at centre back , no right wing back so our makeshift full back gets sent off and this is improvement?

The first thing that changed is the ownership. I would have thought that was fairly major. The club now owns the ground. I would have thought that was fairly major. The Academy has been completely remoulded .I would have thought that was fairly major. There have been other changes too…improvements in and around the ground. Better communication with supporters and the recently introduced ticket for 6 games.
As for your comments on the football side. I have been to all the home games, Crewe away and I watched the Salford game on ifollow and I have certainly seen some improvement from last season. This with a young and inexperienced team and as you point out a rookie manager. I don’t think the squad is light.I think it has more depth than previously although with Hussey going we badly need a left footed CB if we are to continue with this system. I have posted before we should switch to 4 at the back. That is my biggest concern but I think we can have a good season. We have played 2 less home games than away and if we can win those we will be in a good place. Football is all about opinions isn’t it ?


If you say this, you really have not been watching the same games as me. It’s a description of the games last year but not this. Of course, we have played better in some games than others but we are much more positive this season.


You’re cherry picking isolated points and accentuating them to suit your argument.

I’m not going to sit here and argue that it’s been like watching Barcelona but equally I could easily make the same argument as you in favour of many improvements to the playing spectacle and the enjoyment level.

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Away from home we’re shocking and negative. It’s alright travelling home after home games it’s when you’ve travelled the country being depressed watching it when it hurts the most. It’s no surprise the same old people who defend anything. I’m picking out the same problem which now keep happening for the last how many years ? With so called different owners but doing the same old mistakes.

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Anyways after Saturday shambolic performance Im done for a while. I ain’t gonna keep watching us play people out of position and be overcharged for the pleasure. I will keep an eye on line ups and results to see if anything improves but that’s it until Accrington away for me. I actually like the fact some fans blindly support and defend everything about the club so for that fair play to the ones which do.

Can’t see how you say we haven’t been entertaining away this season.

That just is not true. The first half at Crewe was the best we have played in years; the second half at Salford was great and we easily could have got a point from Saturday.

We are at a low level and we hope the only way is up but to keep saying that nothing has changed is plainly untrue.


So 1 half at Salford and a decent performance at Crewe makes it decent and outweighs morecambe , Wrexham , Swindon, and the shocking first half at Salford? Now who’s picking parts to fit a narrative? Our away form shocking and our performances overall have equalled it

We played well at Morecambe and Wrexham. Defensive mishaps cost us those games.


Wrexham away wasn’t shocking, first half in particular and much of the second half was pretty good and it most definitely was entertaining!

Salford second half. Morecombe in the main was ok but I understand the overriding feeling would be one of frustration / anger / disappointment based on how we conceded late. Crewe as has been said was as good a performance as we could have asked for…

Swindon wasn’t great but circumstances didn’t help and they’re bang in form.

Arguably, depending on your stance, we could say performance wise it’s only really Salford first half and Swindon second half that we’re particularly poor (Swindon with allowance for a harsh sending off)

Agreed, results wise, Morecombe, Wrexham, Crewe were all a let down in terms of points but 1 could easily have been 5.


[quote=“Wednesburyres, post:613, topic:10480”]
I actually like the fact some fans blindly support and defend everything about the club so for that fair play to the ones which do.
[/quote] and thats because they like you they are passionate Walsall fans .And I actually like the fact that you vent your anger criticise the club and want better .so fair play to you as well .we all want same thing hey .

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You can’t own something you haven’t paid for, can you?

Regarding on the pitch. Not sure yet. Better to watch than the second half of last season (low bar) there have been some promising signs but also some worrying traits. Guess we will have to wait a little longer to see.

if the ground is mortgaged, then surely we do own it? it’s similar to a house, you wouldn’t say you don’t own your house just because you have a mortgage on it


You don’t own your house until you have paid for it as far as I knew anyway.

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well yeah because if you want to move & sell your house you don’t have to get permission from the bank, the bank just provides the financing for you to buy. It’s going to be nowhere near as straightforward when it comes to a football club when you’ve got holding companies and various other factors but the principle should be the same if we’ve mortgaged it.